Monday, December 30, 2013

It's Christmas 2013

Finally the day was here!  Isabel and Will woke us up around 7am ready to rush downstairs to see what Santa brought!

Waiting at the top of the stairs.......SO Ready to see what surprises were waiting for them

Isabel and Will both asked Santa for a Furby Boom this year and were both super excited that their request was granted!  Josh and I, however, are not sure we are loving these new toys.  They seem to talk...all. the. time!  They also sing and dance and all kinds of crazy things.  There is also an app you can use to feed, bathe, and play with the furbys.  Isabel and Will LOVE THEM and Josh and I are just thankful that we know how to put the furbys to sleep sometimes! :)

Oh, did I mention that the two furbys interact with each other?  They talk to each other and will even sing a duet if they are left close enough to each other.

After eating a quick breakfast, we all opened the rest of the presents under the tree.  I loved that Isabel and Will wanted Josh and I to open our presents from them first.  I truly want them to understand that giving is more important that simply receiving!

Josh really loves these Little Debbie tree cakes and makes sure everyone knows it.  After mentioning his love for these in a sermon, multiple families from our church (plus his mom) gave him a box so he should be good for a least until New Year's anyway!

Christmas is one of those times when I am reminded just how different our children are. Will could not be any more of a boy.  His favorite gifts involved anything superhero or sports related.  He also got a magic set that he thinks is pretty awesome!

Isabel, on the other hand, got all things girly.  She got a "real" ring that she is so proud to wear!  She also got bracelet makers, barbies, and chapter books about cheerleaders.  The only things our children agree on is their love of flashlights and arts and crafts and they both got new lights, paints, markers, and dry erase boards!

Josh and I got Isabel her first Ken doll.  Before this she has only had girl barbies but we realized that she needed a boy/husband/daddy to play with after noticing that she was using Will's Woody doll or a superhero!

After an exciting morning of opening presents, we all needed a nap and then went to see the movie Frozen which we all loved!  It was a fun Christmas!

My favorite Christmas song this year was "We Have a Savior" by Hillsong. Josh said in a sermon a few weeks ago that Christmas is really a story of Love and Rescue and I tried hard to focus on that during this season. I am so thankful that we are "no longer lost because he has come down for us." Merry Christmas! We have a SAVIOR!!

A child has been given, 
The King of our freedom
Sing for the light has come
This is Christmas

Come and adore Him
And bring gifts before Him
Joy to the world
Worship the Son
This is Christmas

Jesus, Emmanuel here with us
Tell all the world
We have a Saviour
We have a Savior
We are no longer lost
'Cause He has come down for us
We have a Saviour
We have a Savior

Sing with angels
And lift up your voices
Join in the song of hope
This is Christmas

His love will reign forever
His love will reign forever
His love will reign forever

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