Tuesday, December 10, 2013

1st Snow Day

We have not had "real" snow (aka more than some flurries or light dusting) in almost 3 years.  Since my kids really don't remember anything about the past snows, they have really wanted to see some snow.  Today they finally got their wish!!  We woke up to this....

This may not seem like a lot to anyone living up north, but to us it counts as real snow!  I decided today that I love how we do "snow days" in the south.  Of course the day always begins as a surprise because everyone knows that it never snows when the weatherman says it will but always snows if there is only a small chance.  So the snow day begins by waking up to a snow covered yard and a notification that of course school is cancelled.  Instead of rushing around, we get to enjoy a lazy morning and then start putting on layers so we can go outside.  Because they are finally old enough to really enjoy the snow, we actually ended up playing for almost an hour before deciding we were too cold and wet to stay out any longer.  The best part of snow days in the south is that just a few hours after playing in the snow, most of the snow on the street has melted so everyone gets to go out and enjoy their day!!  Today we got to eat lunch out with Josh and do a little Christmas shopping!!

So stinkin' excited!  Somehow Isabel must have known it was a snow day because she was up crazy early.  Usually we pull her out of the bed crying at 7:45 am to get ready for school but today she was in my face saying "IT SNOWED!" over and over at 6:45 am!!

This little guy loved everything about the snow too!  The last time it really snowed he was too little to really enjoy it so he made up for it today!  He walked around singing "Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow" and "I'm dreaming of a white Christmas" while he played!

Isabel usually does not like to be cold but today she stayed out even longer than Will (of course she also managed to stay a lot dryer than Will who fell in the snow multiple times)

The snow was really too fluffy to make a snowman but there were plenty of snowballs made and thrown!

My favorite picture from the day!! Can you tell how excited he is about throwing his snowball at his daddy? (who had just dumped all of the snow he scraped off of his car onto Will)

We are hoping for another Snow Day soon!!

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