Thursday, November 21, 2013

William is 5!

Yesterday my baby boy turned 5 years old! I have to be honest and say that I was not really looking forward to it.  Although there were a few challenges, I really really liked the age of 4 with Will!  Plus turning 5 just seems way too old for my baby boy.  Too often, I look at him and realize just how big he is getting. Then I remind him again that he will always be my baby boy!

Unfortunately it wasn't the best day for our birthday boy.  He has been sick for days and although he was starting to feel better, he was far from 100%.  Josh and I took him to lunch but he didn't want much of it.  He ended up taking a 4 hour nap and felt a little better that night!  When you are a minister's kid and your birthday is on a Wednesday, you get to celebrate at church.  Will loves being at church on Wednesday nights though so this was just extra exciting for him.  We let him open a few presents, ate pizza and cookies with the teenagers and then he fit in a few games of ping pong!  I hated that he wasn't feeling great, but I'm glad he still enjoyed his night.

As I have said in probably every birthday post, Will is ALL BOY. Unless he is sick, the boy never stops moving.  Why watch TV when there are football and soccer games to play?  While he would much rather play with daddy, he is also fine with being both teams and giving me a play by play of everything that happens!  He also loves all superheroes, rescue heroes and now even power rangers.  I am a constant disappointment to  him due to my lack of knowledge of these things.  Luckily Josh is an expert! :)

Recently Will has decided that he loves writing.  I think it is because the concept of letters and sounds and reading has "clicked" recently.  He draws us pictures regularly and can write a few words on it too.  I love how proud he is of himself when he can sound out or read a word on his own.

We have not had him tested again (because having blood drawn is traumatic for all) but I'm pretty sure he has grown out of his milk allergy.  We are still giving him almond milk and soy yogurt just to be careful but I leave the cheese on pizza or whatever else we are eating and he hasn't had any type of reaction in a long time! Woo Hoo!

Ready to open some presents

 looking at his new Legos with daddy

so excited about lots of power rangers!

The red power ranger is his favorite

Happy 5th Birthday little man!  We love you so much!!

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