Sunday, November 3, 2013

Super Halloween 2013

This Halloween was definitely a little different from the past but it ended up being perfect!  Due to the 100% chance of rain and possible severe storms, we had to change our plans.  Our church was planning to do a Trunk-or-treat like we did last year but we knew that wouldn't be possible with the weather predicted. Josh thought about canceling it or moving it to another night but ultimately decided to try to move it indoors and it was definitely the right decision!  Last year we had around 100 kids plus their families.  This year there was over 1100 people at our church that night.  It was amazing and so much fun!!  Instead of decorating trunks, people from our church decorated tables at the door to each room down our preschool hall and the kids were still able to go trick or treating!

 Hulk and Super Girl

Will LOVED his costume!

Super Girl is ready for candy

Isabel and Will have never seen Duck Dynasty so they had no idea why this family was dressed up in camo and beards.  They didn't really care though, as long as they got candy!

After trick or treating, Isabel and Will had fun helping Caleb pass out candy.  They were able to see so many of their friends this way!

They took a break to do some crafts and eat a cupcake though

Isabel loved seeing friends from church and school there

Shelby was in Isabel's 4K class.  It is insane how much they have grown up in only 2 years!

These two have been friends since they were 2 and are still best friends!

Will found plenty of other superheroes to run around with!


Hulk in full costume!

Josh did another amazing job of organizing this event!  Everyone is so thankful for him and all of his hard work!  We all had a perfect Halloween!

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