Saturday, November 30, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving 2013

We had another great Thanksgiving in Birmingham this year.  As always, I have so so much to be thankful for!  God has blessed me in so many ways and although I want to appreciate His gifts every day, I'm thankful that we have a day set aside to recognize all He has done!

My 3 favorite blessings

I love my family!

So incredibly thankful (and shocked) for a good family photo!

I am a lucky girl to be happily married to my best friend!

We are so thankful for Nana!

Cousins coloring!
We are always thankful for chaotic fun times with cousins

Isabel loves Addy and was ready and willing to hold her any time I was forced willing to put her down

a little football game

a pretty terrible cousin picture
(sadly this was the best one we got!)

Nana with all of her grandchildren

We are so thankful for Grams!

Josh explained to Will that Thanksgiving was all about eating and football!

Josh helped his mom get her Christmas tree up and then our kids played with the 2 boxes for an hour!

Isabel was supposed to be helping decorate with the "snow"

My sweet BABIES with their favorite Christmas decoration at Nana's

Recreating the picture! When did they get so big??

Saturday, November 23, 2013

Party for Will

Will's party was so much fun this year.  Thankfully he was feeling so much better and was really able to enjoy it.  This year we partied at Chuck E. Cheese with most of his class from school and some other friends from church.  I think everyone had a great time playing games, watching the birthday show from Chuck E Cheese and eating pizza and cupcakes.  I am so thankful for all of Will's sweet friends.  He is a loved little guy!

Group picture!!

Will and Josh with the crazy "band guys"

He wore his crown for the 5 seconds it took to take this picture and then he was done with it!

It is so scary to think that in 10 years it will be time to teach this little guy to drive!!

It is so nice that one of Will's best friends is the brother of one of Isabel's best friends!

Will and his buddy, Colton

Will was so excited about his football cupcake cake

Singing Happy Birthday to Will...

Blowing out all FIVE candles

Isabel and Will with Chuck E Cheese

Opening presents with a little "help" from his friends

The super cute card his friend, Sayde, made for him from a picture his teacher took of the two of them at school one day

Thursday, November 21, 2013

William is 5!

Yesterday my baby boy turned 5 years old! I have to be honest and say that I was not really looking forward to it.  Although there were a few challenges, I really really liked the age of 4 with Will!  Plus turning 5 just seems way too old for my baby boy.  Too often, I look at him and realize just how big he is getting. Then I remind him again that he will always be my baby boy!

Unfortunately it wasn't the best day for our birthday boy.  He has been sick for days and although he was starting to feel better, he was far from 100%.  Josh and I took him to lunch but he didn't want much of it.  He ended up taking a 4 hour nap and felt a little better that night!  When you are a minister's kid and your birthday is on a Wednesday, you get to celebrate at church.  Will loves being at church on Wednesday nights though so this was just extra exciting for him.  We let him open a few presents, ate pizza and cookies with the teenagers and then he fit in a few games of ping pong!  I hated that he wasn't feeling great, but I'm glad he still enjoyed his night.

As I have said in probably every birthday post, Will is ALL BOY. Unless he is sick, the boy never stops moving.  Why watch TV when there are football and soccer games to play?  While he would much rather play with daddy, he is also fine with being both teams and giving me a play by play of everything that happens!  He also loves all superheroes, rescue heroes and now even power rangers.  I am a constant disappointment to  him due to my lack of knowledge of these things.  Luckily Josh is an expert! :)

Recently Will has decided that he loves writing.  I think it is because the concept of letters and sounds and reading has "clicked" recently.  He draws us pictures regularly and can write a few words on it too.  I love how proud he is of himself when he can sound out or read a word on his own.

We have not had him tested again (because having blood drawn is traumatic for all) but I'm pretty sure he has grown out of his milk allergy.  We are still giving him almond milk and soy yogurt just to be careful but I leave the cheese on pizza or whatever else we are eating and he hasn't had any type of reaction in a long time! Woo Hoo!

Ready to open some presents

 looking at his new Legos with daddy

so excited about lots of power rangers!

The red power ranger is his favorite

Happy 5th Birthday little man!  We love you so much!!

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Will's Thanksgiving Program

Two years ago we watched Isabel in her 4K Thanksgiving program. This week it was Will's turn!  I have to admit that it makes me a little sad.  It is just one more sign that my baby boy is growing up! I'm not sure I'm ready for that.  Will was beyond excited though.  He has been singing his songs for weeks and practicing his "speaking part." Of course like any time you watch over 30 4 and 5 year olds perform, it was entertaining and hilarious at some points but Will did a great job and we were so proud of him!

 Ready to get started!

singing with his class

love my little man!
he is growing up way too fast

Will taking a bow when the program was over.  This kid just makes me laugh all the time!

We love Mrs. Kara! She was Isabel's teacher 2 years ago and now Will gets to be in her class.  

Making crazy faces because they are actually laughing at daddy behind me!

Will and Addie

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Super Halloween 2013

This Halloween was definitely a little different from the past but it ended up being perfect!  Due to the 100% chance of rain and possible severe storms, we had to change our plans.  Our church was planning to do a Trunk-or-treat like we did last year but we knew that wouldn't be possible with the weather predicted. Josh thought about canceling it or moving it to another night but ultimately decided to try to move it indoors and it was definitely the right decision!  Last year we had around 100 kids plus their families.  This year there was over 1100 people at our church that night.  It was amazing and so much fun!!  Instead of decorating trunks, people from our church decorated tables at the door to each room down our preschool hall and the kids were still able to go trick or treating!

 Hulk and Super Girl

Will LOVED his costume!

Super Girl is ready for candy

Isabel and Will have never seen Duck Dynasty so they had no idea why this family was dressed up in camo and beards.  They didn't really care though, as long as they got candy!

After trick or treating, Isabel and Will had fun helping Caleb pass out candy.  They were able to see so many of their friends this way!

They took a break to do some crafts and eat a cupcake though

Isabel loved seeing friends from church and school there

Shelby was in Isabel's 4K class.  It is insane how much they have grown up in only 2 years!

These two have been friends since they were 2 and are still best friends!

Will found plenty of other superheroes to run around with!


Hulk in full costume!

Josh did another amazing job of organizing this event!  Everyone is so thankful for him and all of his hard work!  We all had a perfect Halloween!