Saturday, October 5, 2013

September wrap-up

Since I was terrible about taking pictures and updating the blog through most of September, we will do a quick wrap-up with pictures from my phone:

We had a fun bonfire with some students from church

Isabel and Will got to make s'mores which they love!

Nana came to visit and brought this magic box Josh had as a kid.  Isabel loved it and did about 100 magic shows for us over the next few days

We visited our "pets" at the pet store.
Poor Will's nose starts itching just being this close to the cats.

We spent most Saturday mornings watching our favorite cheerleader!!

Isabel loves to be the teacher and play school with Will.  Sometimes he will go along with it and other times it will end with both kids screaming.  However, when it works she is actually a pretty great little teacher! Will can write all of his letters and read and write some 2-3 letter words

Josh went out of town for 2 days and the kids acted like he was gone a month. They were beyond thrilled when he got home before bedtime to tuck them in!

We spent multiple Friday nights at a high school football game cheering on the students we have playing football or performing in the band!

It was a crazy month and now we are ready for all things FALL!!

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