Sunday, October 27, 2013

Pumpkin traditions

We went on our annual trip to the pumpkin patch at a local church this weekend.  Yes, we probably pay more for these pumpkins than if we went to Walmart but the money goes to a good cause.  Plus, as I explained to Josh, I have pictures of our children at this pumpkin patch from the last 5 years.  You can't just stop traditions like that!!

Love that snaggle-tooth smile!

This time last year Will was still refusing to wear anything other than shorts.  I'm thankful he is wearing jeans this year (although he would much rather be in athletic pants if he had the chance)

I just made the mistake of looking back at pictures of them from years ago.  It is hard to believe how big they are getting.  I love them so much!

"Look mom! I'm a pumpkin too! Take my picture!"

Time to turn it into a jack-o-lantern
(I love that Isabel will stop to pose while the boys are way too in to the carving!)

He was super excited about actually helping daddy get the "pumpkin goo" out this year.

As usual, Isabel was much happier helping me get the seeds out and playing in the pumpkin goo without actually getting anything on her!

Josh was disappointed that the kids did not pick a more intricate pattern this year but this is what they wanted!

Saturday, October 26, 2013

Upwards Cheerleading

This week we had very informal pictures taken of Isabel's Upwards Cheerleading squad.  I think they turned out pretty well.  Isabel has loved cheerleading and has learned so much!  However, I'm thankful that there are only 2 more weeks of cheering.  It is getting too cold to spend our Saturday mornings outside! :)

Isabel and her friend, Lillie, are in the same class together at school too.  They practice their cheers on the playground together!

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Fall Break Fun 2013: Cousins

We try to fit in seeing as many family members as possible any time we are in Birmingham.  Our last night we got together at Josh's mom's house with my mom, Matt and Lauren and their 3 kids.  There were 5 kids 6 and under so you can imagine the noise and chaos.  It was so fun though.  Isabel and Will LOVE their cousins and love spending time with them.  I only wish we lived closer so we could all be together more often.  
Isabel loves being the "big cousin"!! 
Sweet Addy is already getting so big and will be running around with the rest of them way too soon!

These two are just trouble!! :)

Best cousin shot I could get! 

Brothers trying to escape the chaos didn't work!!

This sweet girl fell asleep on me while the other 4 kids ran around screaming! Can you tell how much I am loving it?  It is so nice to be an aunt!!

Fall Break Fun 2013: Fun family outings

We spent one day at the zoo and another at the McWane Center while we were in Birmingham.  The weather was perfect and we all had such a great time!  We had not been to the Birmingham zoo in a couple of years so it was fun to see different animals than the ones we see all of the time at our zoo.  Plus they were decorated for their Halloween events so that made even more to see!

There were lots of extra things out to decorate for Boo at the Zoo.  Isabel wanted her picture made with her favorite princess.

At first we were disappointed when we got to see the tiger and it was sleeping.  However it almost immediately got up to walk around and get something to drink. The kids loved watching it move around and felt like they were right next to it!

My little man does love the animals but I think climbing to see the animals is actually his favorite part.

Isabel also likes the animals but I think following the map is her favorite part.
The giraffes are always a favorite but this time a zoo keeper pointed out the pregnant giraffe and explained that she would be pregnant for 12-13 months.  Wow!

The zookeeper was letting these massive tortoises outside right as we walked over.  It was fun to see each one come outside and SLOWLY walk around.  The best for Isabel was the little baby tortoise that was the last out!

These guys were HUGE!!

There was a stand like this for every single superhero and Will demanded asked politely to have his picture taken in every. single. one!  This is a little sneak peek for Halloween! :)

Who doesn't want their picture taken with a huge spider?

Gotta love pictures next to the skull with spinning eyes!

These goats made us laugh so hard.  What are they doing???

We always love the McWane Center!  There were a couple of huge school groups there the day we went which made it a little crazy but we still had fun.  My kids (and husband apparently) love the interactive things where they can see themselves on the screens!

These things are always fun.  Too bad the picture of Josh's face impression didn't turn out!

They loved watching the stingrays and sharks but only Josh and I were willing to stick our hands in to touch them.  It definitely didn't help when the lady explained that they were slippery because they were covered with a thin layer of mucus.  Ha!


Fall Break Fun 2013: Samford

We were so ready for Fall Break this year!!  We all needed a break from work and school and just normal life.  Josh was able to take a couple of days off so we decided to head to Birmingham for a few days.  On our way down, we stopped at one of my favorite places, Samford University!  I have so many wonderful memories from our college days at Samford and I love going back to visit.  The campus is just beautiful and it was nice to walk around after spending a couple of hours in the car.

Obligatory picture in front of a Samford fountain!
They have grown so much since last year

Reid Chapel will always be my favorite place on campus!

Will was so excited to be able to run around and play football on the quad!

My beautiful girl is always willing to stop and pose for a picture!

Our kids thought we were crazy when we wanted to get a picture of them and Mr. Beeson.  Hopefully they will understand the significance someday!

Saturday, October 5, 2013

Our first "Fall" outing

Although the highs are still in the upper 80s, we are ready for all things fall.  I know those cooler temperatures are coming soon and I cannot wait!  Today we drove about an hour to Jackson's Orchards and it was definitely worth the drive.  There were tons of things for the kids to play on plus a petting zoo, hayrides through the orchards, a pumpkin patch, a corn maze and lots more.  My mom was in town so she got to come with us and we all had a great time!

We started with some ice cream and amazing apple pies

Will must have gone down this slide close to 1,000 times

He even convinced Josh to go down with him one time

We went to the petting zoo and attempted to make the kids feed the animals

There was absolutely no way Isabel was going to hold a small cup up to an animal's mouth.  This is as close of an encounter as Isabel likes with animals.

This picture makes me laugh so hard every time I see it. Will wanted to hold a rabbit so badly...until the lady put one in his lap. He reacted like it was some terrifying beast instead of a sweet, fluffy bunny rabbit.  Josh and I could not stop laughing!

They had enough of the animals and decided climbing tires would be fun

Finally we decided to take a hay ride through the apple orchard to the pumpkin patch and corn maze

 Isabel was very proud of the sand masterpiece she made.

Luckily we found our way out of the corn maze pretty quickly this year!

You gotta pose with a couple of scarecrows right?