Thursday, August 8, 2013

Ready for 1st Grade

I remember summer being a good 3 months but that is no longer the case.  After a quick 2 months, summer is over and school is starting!!  Isabel has had mixed emotions regarding 1st grade all summer.  There were moments when she was very excited and others when she was in tears because she was nervous.  Her main fear was that she would not know any girls in her class.  I prayed all summer that she would get a great teacher and that she would have at least one friend in her class.  We found out while we were at the beach that God answered our prayers in a big way.  We couldn't make it to the first open house so I asked a friend whose daughter is Isabel's good friend and also going into first grade to take a picture of Isabel's class list and text it to me.  I waited impatiently that night checking my phone every 2 minutes.  Finally she sent me a picture and then called immediately to make sure I saw that our girls were in the SAME CLASS!  I cannot tell you the sense of relief I experienced and the smile that covered Isabel's sweet face.  After looking at the list, we noticed another sweet friend from dance was in her class too.  Suddenly Isabel was very excited about school starting!!

We hurried back into town to go to her Open House 2 nights later.  I have heard great things about Isabel's teacher and she seemed really nice.

Instead of keeping their backpacks in cubby holes like kindergarten, they have lockers in the back of their classroom this year.  Isabel is beyond excited about this!

She is also very excited to have desks this year!

My baby girl is officially a 1st grader!!

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