Monday, August 5, 2013

Beach Trip 2013: Part 2

Our first  night was pretty perfect and the rest of the time was pretty great too.  Isabel and Will really loved the actual beach this year.  They played in the ocean, jumping waves and trying to swim.  They dug in the sand, built sand castles and looked for shells.  Of course they loved the pools as well and actually ate some seafood.  I know I have said it a million times but I am just really loving these ages!  I took hundreds of pictures but will try not to post them all.  These are not in any order but are some of my favorites.

Our condo had a tiny bunk room that the kids slept in.  They loved sharing a room and thought being in bunk beds was the greatest way to sleep ever!

Can you see the excitement?

My little man loved the sand and did not mind being covered in it regardless of whether he was wearing a bathing suit or nice clothes

Josh buried Will in the sand!

Although they loved the beach, we still spent plenty of time at the pool too

I love these two! They are getting so big!

Most nights after dinner we would come back to the beach.  Isabel would do cartwheels, Will and Josh would play ball and then we would all look for shells and walk by the ocean.

Oh how this boy loves his daddy (and loves dressing just like daddy)

My beautiful girl

Such a stinker but we love him so much!

She's growing up too quickly! I have loved having her home this summer!

for some reason digging holes and filling them with water was tons of fun

So glad Nana could come for a few days

They can fight like crazy but they are best friends too

"please mom just take the picture so we can swim"

We had great weather but one morning it started raining while we were at the beach.  The kids were upset for about a minute and then decided playing in the rain was tons of fun.  It rained for less than an hour and there was no thunder or lightening so they jumped in puddles for a while and then we all swam in the rain.

both the front and back balconies had beautiful views

Isabel and Will thought this shark was hilarious and asked to have their picture taken with it every time we passed it

jumping the waves

We never took a family picture when we were dressed and looking nice but we did take a quick one after playing at the beach for an hour

Isabel and Will love their Grams
(Isabel later told me she closed her eyes on purpose and thought it was hilarious)

We got a crab claw appetizer one night (which is our favorite) and made the mistake of letting Isabel and Will try one.  They both loved them so we had to share the appetizer with 2 more!!

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