Sunday, August 4, 2013

Beach trip 2013: Part 1

Although it has been crazy, I have loved this summer and we ended the summer the best way possible: with a trip to the beach!  The beach is my favorite place on earth and since we didn't get to go last year, I was beyond ready to go.  Our kids remembered very little, if any, of our last trip so it was fun to watch them experience it all like it was the first time!

After Will's last Tball game, we packed the car and drove to Birmingham.  We picked up Nana and Grams and drove to Destin the next morning.  The kids did well in the car but we were all happy to get there!  After unloading and getting settled we decided to walk to a seafood restaurant we love.  Unfortunately it was a little further away than we remembered and we were all hot and tired and regretting our decision to walk by the time we got there.  Fortunately we didn't have to wait long for a table and we enjoyed a yummy dinner of seafood.  Isabel and Will both tried popcorn shrimp.  Isabel was ok with it but preferred her chicken.  Will, on the other hand, loved it and ate most of ended up sharing my dinner with me.  After dinner we decided to walk back to the condo on the beach instead of the road.  The sun was setting, it felt great outside and watching the kids enjoy the beach and the ocean for the "first time" was easily my favorite part of our whole trip.  I was initially devastated that I didn't have my real camera but I got over it and took about a million pictures with my phone instead.  There is just no way to capture their pure joy, amazement and excitement but I tried...

They watched movies, colored, slept and found other ways to entertain themselves in the car in between asking "are we there yet" every 15 minutes

"I'm finally in the sand and so so happy about it!"

They started out a little cautious and in awe of the ocean

It didn't take long to convince them to go a little further....
After about 5 minutes Will had lost his balance and fallen in the water.  He didn't mind at all. Isabel followed pretty quickly after that.  The adults didn't fall but we didn't exactly stay completely dry either!

Family picture on the beach

loving the waves!

This boy loves his daddy and loved having him with him all week instead of having to go to work!

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