Tuesday, August 20, 2013

All she wants for Christmas.....

...is her two front teeth!

We have been dealing with loose front teeth all summer.  One of Isabel's top front teeth was loose so she simply wouldn't use it for months. She ate everything on the side of her mouth. It became very loose but she refused to let Josh (I can't handle dealing with teeth) pull it so finally it came out one night while we were eating pizza.  Almost immediately the other top tooth was loose!  Again we dealt with a very loose tooth that she wouldn't let anyone pull.  It eventually got so loose that it was twisting and turning and just gross!  Finally we convinced her to let Josh pull it.  He barely touched it and it was out! 

Now my sweet girl has a big hole in her mouth and looks too cute. I have been a little sad about her loosing these teeth because I know when the new teeth come in she will have a "big kid" smile.  This growing up stuff is tough on mommy!

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