Thursday, August 8, 2013

1st day of 1st grade

After counting the days until school started for almost a week, Isabel suddenly became very nervous the night before school started.  She was in bed about to go to sleep and all of the sudden she was in tears because she was scared.  I felt so bad for her and hated that she was so nervous.  Josh and I prayed with her and reminded her that she had friends in her class and that she already knew so much about her school.  She finally fell asleep and I prayed hard that her first day would go well.

She was a completely different child the next morning.  There was no fear, only excitement!! 
All smiles and ready for 1st grade 

Do you notice something missing from that beautiful smile?
Two days before school started Isabel finally lost her top front tooth while eating pizza!

Because Will was feeling left out and wanted a picture with "sissy"

Luckily Isabel's excitement continued as we got to the school.  My friend and I planned to meet so our girls could walk in together. I was still nervous that Isabel would suddenly break into tears when I had to leave her but she did great.  (I think I was still having fashbacks from the trauma of leaving her crying and scared last year in kindergarten).  She walked into her classroom with her friends with a huge smile on her face.  She just waved goodbye and we stayed long enough to watch them find their desks and get settled. 

Four days later she is still loving 1st grade and I'm so so thankful!  Our only issue has been getting her out of bed some mornings so we are working on an earlier bedtime.  It is hard to get away from that summer schedule!

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Angie said...

she's so cute! Where has the time gone???!!!