Tuesday, August 20, 2013

All she wants for Christmas.....

...is her two front teeth!

We have been dealing with loose front teeth all summer.  One of Isabel's top front teeth was loose so she simply wouldn't use it for months. She ate everything on the side of her mouth. It became very loose but she refused to let Josh (I can't handle dealing with teeth) pull it so finally it came out one night while we were eating pizza.  Almost immediately the other top tooth was loose!  Again we dealt with a very loose tooth that she wouldn't let anyone pull.  It eventually got so loose that it was twisting and turning and just gross!  Finally we convinced her to let Josh pull it.  He barely touched it and it was out! 

Now my sweet girl has a big hole in her mouth and looks too cute. I have been a little sad about her loosing these teeth because I know when the new teeth come in she will have a "big kid" smile.  This growing up stuff is tough on mommy!

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Ready for Pre-K

After a week of asking when he would start school every. single. day, Will finally started Pre-K!  He has the same teacher that Isabel had so we know he is going to have a great year!  Plus he is just a little too excited about this cute little girl being in his class!  I am simply not thinking about the fact that this time next year my baby will be starting kindergarten.  Instead, I'm just going to enjoy this fun year!

I think he may have seen his sister pose for pictures a few too many times  :)

Why does he look SO OLD in his picture??

Just a little excited!

I love this crazy boy!

Thursday, August 8, 2013

1st day of 1st grade

After counting the days until school started for almost a week, Isabel suddenly became very nervous the night before school started.  She was in bed about to go to sleep and all of the sudden she was in tears because she was scared.  I felt so bad for her and hated that she was so nervous.  Josh and I prayed with her and reminded her that she had friends in her class and that she already knew so much about her school.  She finally fell asleep and I prayed hard that her first day would go well.

She was a completely different child the next morning.  There was no fear, only excitement!! 
All smiles and ready for 1st grade 

Do you notice something missing from that beautiful smile?
Two days before school started Isabel finally lost her top front tooth while eating pizza!

Because Will was feeling left out and wanted a picture with "sissy"

Luckily Isabel's excitement continued as we got to the school.  My friend and I planned to meet so our girls could walk in together. I was still nervous that Isabel would suddenly break into tears when I had to leave her but she did great.  (I think I was still having fashbacks from the trauma of leaving her crying and scared last year in kindergarten).  She walked into her classroom with her friends with a huge smile on her face.  She just waved goodbye and we stayed long enough to watch them find their desks and get settled. 

Four days later she is still loving 1st grade and I'm so so thankful!  Our only issue has been getting her out of bed some mornings so we are working on an earlier bedtime.  It is hard to get away from that summer schedule!

Ready for 1st Grade

I remember summer being a good 3 months but that is no longer the case.  After a quick 2 months, summer is over and school is starting!!  Isabel has had mixed emotions regarding 1st grade all summer.  There were moments when she was very excited and others when she was in tears because she was nervous.  Her main fear was that she would not know any girls in her class.  I prayed all summer that she would get a great teacher and that she would have at least one friend in her class.  We found out while we were at the beach that God answered our prayers in a big way.  We couldn't make it to the first open house so I asked a friend whose daughter is Isabel's good friend and also going into first grade to take a picture of Isabel's class list and text it to me.  I waited impatiently that night checking my phone every 2 minutes.  Finally she sent me a picture and then called immediately to make sure I saw that our girls were in the SAME CLASS!  I cannot tell you the sense of relief I experienced and the smile that covered Isabel's sweet face.  After looking at the list, we noticed another sweet friend from dance was in her class too.  Suddenly Isabel was very excited about school starting!!

We hurried back into town to go to her Open House 2 nights later.  I have heard great things about Isabel's teacher and she seemed really nice.

Instead of keeping their backpacks in cubby holes like kindergarten, they have lockers in the back of their classroom this year.  Isabel is beyond excited about this!

She is also very excited to have desks this year!

My baby girl is officially a 1st grader!!

Monday, August 5, 2013

Beach Trip 2013: Part 2

Our first  night was pretty perfect and the rest of the time was pretty great too.  Isabel and Will really loved the actual beach this year.  They played in the ocean, jumping waves and trying to swim.  They dug in the sand, built sand castles and looked for shells.  Of course they loved the pools as well and actually ate some seafood.  I know I have said it a million times but I am just really loving these ages!  I took hundreds of pictures but will try not to post them all.  These are not in any order but are some of my favorites.

Our condo had a tiny bunk room that the kids slept in.  They loved sharing a room and thought being in bunk beds was the greatest way to sleep ever!

Can you see the excitement?

My little man loved the sand and did not mind being covered in it regardless of whether he was wearing a bathing suit or nice clothes

Josh buried Will in the sand!

Although they loved the beach, we still spent plenty of time at the pool too

I love these two! They are getting so big!

Most nights after dinner we would come back to the beach.  Isabel would do cartwheels, Will and Josh would play ball and then we would all look for shells and walk by the ocean.

Oh how this boy loves his daddy (and loves dressing just like daddy)

My beautiful girl

Such a stinker but we love him so much!

She's growing up too quickly! I have loved having her home this summer!

for some reason digging holes and filling them with water was tons of fun

So glad Nana could come for a few days

They can fight like crazy but they are best friends too

"please mom just take the picture so we can swim"

We had great weather but one morning it started raining while we were at the beach.  The kids were upset for about a minute and then decided playing in the rain was tons of fun.  It rained for less than an hour and there was no thunder or lightening so they jumped in puddles for a while and then we all swam in the rain.

both the front and back balconies had beautiful views

Isabel and Will thought this shark was hilarious and asked to have their picture taken with it every time we passed it

jumping the waves

We never took a family picture when we were dressed and looking nice but we did take a quick one after playing at the beach for an hour

Isabel and Will love their Grams
(Isabel later told me she closed her eyes on purpose and thought it was hilarious)

We got a crab claw appetizer one night (which is our favorite) and made the mistake of letting Isabel and Will try one.  They both loved them so we had to share the appetizer with 2 more!!

Sunday, August 4, 2013

Beach trip 2013: Part 1

Although it has been crazy, I have loved this summer and we ended the summer the best way possible: with a trip to the beach!  The beach is my favorite place on earth and since we didn't get to go last year, I was beyond ready to go.  Our kids remembered very little, if any, of our last trip so it was fun to watch them experience it all like it was the first time!

After Will's last Tball game, we packed the car and drove to Birmingham.  We picked up Nana and Grams and drove to Destin the next morning.  The kids did well in the car but we were all happy to get there!  After unloading and getting settled we decided to walk to a seafood restaurant we love.  Unfortunately it was a little further away than we remembered and we were all hot and tired and regretting our decision to walk by the time we got there.  Fortunately we didn't have to wait long for a table and we enjoyed a yummy dinner of seafood.  Isabel and Will both tried popcorn shrimp.  Isabel was ok with it but preferred her chicken.  Will, on the other hand, loved it and ate most of ended up sharing my dinner with me.  After dinner we decided to walk back to the condo on the beach instead of the road.  The sun was setting, it felt great outside and watching the kids enjoy the beach and the ocean for the "first time" was easily my favorite part of our whole trip.  I was initially devastated that I didn't have my real camera but I got over it and took about a million pictures with my phone instead.  There is just no way to capture their pure joy, amazement and excitement but I tried...

They watched movies, colored, slept and found other ways to entertain themselves in the car in between asking "are we there yet" every 15 minutes

"I'm finally in the sand and so so happy about it!"

They started out a little cautious and in awe of the ocean

It didn't take long to convince them to go a little further....
After about 5 minutes Will had lost his balance and fallen in the water.  He didn't mind at all. Isabel followed pretty quickly after that.  The adults didn't fall but we didn't exactly stay completely dry either!

Family picture on the beach

loving the waves!

This boy loves his daddy and loved having him with him all week instead of having to go to work!

Friday, August 2, 2013

End of the Season

Will's first season of tball came to a close last weekend.  Although there were a lot of hot games and practices, I think I can honestly say that we enjoyed every one of them!  Josh did a great job coaching these kids and they came a LONG way in learning how to play the game.  Will loved getting to play a real baseball game on a real field with people watching.  He is already very ready for next year!

 Will ready to bat at his last game

Running home!!

End of the season celebration at Sweet CeCes after their last game

So excited about getting a trophey

These sweet sisters were the best Iron Pig cheerleaders!