Thursday, July 4, 2013

Back to Birmingham

Once again, the kids and I took our annual trip to Birmingham while Josh took a bunch of teenagers to camp.  This time our trip was a little shorter due to our crazy tball schedule.  I knew there was no way not to miss a game but I didn't want Will to have to miss 2 games.  It is always impossible to fit in everything we want to fit in and that less day made it even harder.  We still had a great time and enjoyed the friends and family we were able to spend time with.

To be honest, I think I only took my camera out of my case one day.  Oops.. Pretend you can also see pictures of the kids swimming, playing with Nana and Grams, playing with friends and so much more....

We spend a fun morning at a playground

Apparently the person at the other end can hear better if you put your whole face in!

cousins taking a walk in the woods

All 4 cousins looking and smiling.....a true miracle!
too bad we didn't stick Addy in there too

Isabel loves being the oldest cousin and loves her newest little cousin so much!  I have no idea why I have no pictures of her holding Addy since she held her every time I was willing to put her down  every chance she got!

The girls had multiple tea parties. There is a reason why these tea parties happened outside. Please notice the ground under Ansley.  A little while after this picture was taken a lot more was wet than just the ground under her.

Many popsicles were eaten!

Isabel and Will got to take a bubble bath which they loved!

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