Saturday, June 8, 2013

First Tball game

Today was Will's first tball game and it was awesome!  He has loved baseball for as long as I can remember and has asked when he can play a "real game" with a "real team" for at least 2 years.  However, yesterday he got a little worried about his game.  He wanted to know what would happen if he did something wrong.  Josh and I did our best to reassure him that everyone is still learning and that it is just for fun.  (I also had to explain that if someone gets "out" it does not mean that they do not get to play the rest of the game). 

This morning he was beyond excited to put on his uniform and get to his game.  The game was hilarious to watch as kids tried to figure out what base to run to, let most balls roll through their legs, played in the dirt and so much more.  I have to say that Will did a great job of paying attention throughout the game.  There is a lot still to learn but he did a great job for his first game and we are so proud of him!  Go Iron Pigs!!

My little man in the dugout before the game

cute cheerleaders watching their brothers

Look at that serious face.  He is ready!

Will hit the ball great both times he was up to bat.  The second time he even got a triple! (It may have had something to do with some errors on the other team but it was still a triple!)

A lot of the kids had a hard time understanding what base to run to and when but Will did a great job.  He scored both times so he did a lot of running!  It was so funny when they would run past home base because then they would just stand there wondering where to go next.  I'm not sure they understood why all the parents were cheering.

He is ready (and not playing in the dirt! yay!)
A quick picture before going to bat.  I'm so thankful he is still willing to stop and smile when I sneak into the dugout for a picture.  I'm sure in a few years that will embarrass him completely!
As fun as it was for me to watch, I'm sure it was a little more frustrating for the dads coaching in the field who are a little more competitve.  Josh did a great job though teaching and encouraging the kids and reminding them to have fun.  Will loves having his daddy as his coach!

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