Thursday, June 27, 2013

Family Photos

Josh and I are ridiculously similar.  Honestly, I think this is one of the main reasons our marriage is so easy and happy.  We communicate the same way and agree on almost everything from religion, politics, marriage, parenting, finances, etc.  However there is one thing we completely disagree on.  Family Pictures.  Ok, really all pictures.  As you can tell if you have looked at this blog more than once, I am pretty obsessed with taking pictures.  I literally want to document everything that happens in our lives.  (In fact, Isabel's top front tooth is loose and as soon as I realized just how loose it was, I took about 10 pictures of her face just because I know it will never look like that again) Also, as cheap as I am about almost everything, I am willing to spend just about anything on pictures.  In my mind, it is totally worth it. 

Josh, on the other hand, HATES pictures.  He doesn't understand the need to stop every 2 minutes to pose for a picture when we are doing something.  Although he tolerates pictures of our children pretty well, making him stop to pose for a picture is absolute torture for him.  The only thing worse in his mind, is actually paying a lot of money for someone else to take our pictures.  Therefore, it has taken a while for me to convince him to have real family pictures taken.  Basically I eventually found an extremely reasonably priced photographer that was great and then I asked for them for mother's day. 

After the excitement of finally making an appointment wore off, the intense stress of deciding what to wear consumed me for a while.  Isabel's closet is full of pink and purple while Will's closet is full of mostly sports t'shirts because I can only convince him to wear a collar shirt on Sundays.  See my problem?  Then there is the fact that Isabel is perfectly happy to smile and pose on demand for hours while Will decides he has better things to do after about 2 minutes and then can only offer his cheesy fake smile.  Luckily we still ended up with some great pictures.  I would like to say that I will only post a few but we all know that isn't true........

Friday, June 21, 2013

Discovery Center

We are enjoying summer so much this year!  I know I have said it a million times but my kids are at really fun ages and there is just so much they can do!  This week a friend and I decided to take our 4 kids to a kids museum about an hour away.  It was such a fun day and definitely worth the trip!

digging for fossils

the girls taking a boat ride

they loved this firetruck!
(Will's head is blurry in so many of these pictures because I took them with my phone and could not get him to stop moving long enough to take a picture!!)

serious concentration

There were tons of bridges and trails outside where the kids could run and look at lots of different animals

cutest fireman ever!

driving the truck!

I'm so thankful for good friends and fun summer days!

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Celebrating Josh!

I know without a doubt how lucky I am to be married to an amazing man who is such a great daddy!  This was made even more clear when he was out of town at camp for 2 days before Father's Day.  It is always obvious to me just how involved and helpful Josh is when he is not there to help.  It is also obvious how much I still enjoy hanging out with him after the kids are asleep when he is not there.  I get lonely the first night!  The kids miss him too!  There were multiple times when Isabel simply broke down crying because she missed her daddy.  We had to call him one day so he could just talk to her and was immediately able to calm her down.  Will definitely missed his daddy too, especially during his tball practice and game.  There were a couple of times when he was just a little lost without his daddy there to help him know what to do!

Needless to say, we were definitely ready to celebrate Josh (and the fact that he was home) on Father's day!  I am thankful that he is Isabel's hero and that each day he is showing her how a husband should love his wife.  I know she will have high standards one day because her daddy is such a great man.  I am thankful that Josh is teaching Will how to be a Godly man who has integrity, works hard and has his priorities in order!  Josh's priorities were obvious on Father's Day.  His day consisted of church, time with his family, tball practice and then a book study with a bunch of teenagers!  We love him so much!!

swimming lessons: the good, the bad, the ugly

Isabel and Will had swimming lessons the first 2 weeks in June.  Of the 8 lessons we had, Will had 2 good days, 5 bad days and 1 really ugly day.  I am not sure what was going on with him.  The first day he was mostly smiles and willing to cooperate..........until the very end when half the pool went up his nose.  Then he was done.  For days.  The fact that it was very cold and cloudy the first week did not help either.  Luckily Isabel was amazing all 8 days which helped me get over my frustration with Will....a little anyway.  She learned to swim underwater correctly.  She learned to swim freestyle, do the back stroke, tread water and can almost swim the breast stroke.  I could not have been more proud of my girl.  If you saw Isabel around water 2 years ago, you would realize just how far we have come.  Because I know this, I'm trying not to lose hope with Will.

Some terrible pictures from my phone during swim lessons:

the face Will made 99% of the time he was learning to float on his back

finally willing to float the 2nd to last day

One of his 2 good days....I may have bribed him to cooperate by telling him I would take pictures to send to daddy who was out of town at the time

proof that his face did actually get slightly wet during swimming lessons
(I would like to add that after 2 frustrating weeks of refusing to do anything, we went to our pool and Will stuck his whole face in the water and even went completely under the water with Josh)

my little fish! Her teacher would teach her a certain way to swim and then she practiced it non-stop until she had perfected it!

Happy swimmer!

Saturday, June 8, 2013

First Tball game

Today was Will's first tball game and it was awesome!  He has loved baseball for as long as I can remember and has asked when he can play a "real game" with a "real team" for at least 2 years.  However, yesterday he got a little worried about his game.  He wanted to know what would happen if he did something wrong.  Josh and I did our best to reassure him that everyone is still learning and that it is just for fun.  (I also had to explain that if someone gets "out" it does not mean that they do not get to play the rest of the game). 

This morning he was beyond excited to put on his uniform and get to his game.  The game was hilarious to watch as kids tried to figure out what base to run to, let most balls roll through their legs, played in the dirt and so much more.  I have to say that Will did a great job of paying attention throughout the game.  There is a lot still to learn but he did a great job for his first game and we are so proud of him!  Go Iron Pigs!!

My little man in the dugout before the game

cute cheerleaders watching their brothers

Look at that serious face.  He is ready!

Will hit the ball great both times he was up to bat.  The second time he even got a triple! (It may have had something to do with some errors on the other team but it was still a triple!)

A lot of the kids had a hard time understanding what base to run to and when but Will did a great job.  He scored both times so he did a lot of running!  It was so funny when they would run past home base because then they would just stand there wondering where to go next.  I'm not sure they understood why all the parents were cheering.

He is ready (and not playing in the dirt! yay!)
A quick picture before going to bat.  I'm so thankful he is still willing to stop and smile when I sneak into the dugout for a picture.  I'm sure in a few years that will embarrass him completely!
As fun as it was for me to watch, I'm sure it was a little more frustrating for the dads coaching in the field who are a little more competitve.  Josh did a great job though teaching and encouraging the kids and reminding them to have fun.  Will loves having his daddy as his coach!

Dance Recital

Isabel has loved taking dance this year and has been looking forward to her recital for months!  She was so excited to get up on that stage and dance and had no hesitation at all!  I was so proud of how well she knew her dances and how well she did.  I love my beautiful little dancer!!

She was so excited that Grams and Nana came to watch.  Plus it was shown live online so other family members out of town could watch her too!

My sassy ballerina

Isabel and her friend Avery that goes to her school as well

Somehow I ended up being a "stage mom" which I was not sure about at first but then enjoyed being with the girls backstage and helping them get in the correct places

In her tap costume with flowers from her daddy

Her cheering section after the recital

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Mammoth Cave

Each Thursday during the summer Josh takes our students to do something fun.  Last week he took them to Mammoth Cave and the kids and I went too!  Mammoth Cave is about 1.5 hours from us and is the world's longest known cave system, with more than 400 miles explored.  We had a picnic lunch and then took a 2 hour tour tour through about a mile of caves.  I was a little worried about how my kids would handle it but they did great.  As much as we tried to explain what it would be like, they had no clue what to expect and were a little afraid at the beginning.  To get the the main cave tunnel we had to go down many narrow stairs and it was dark which worried them a little but then they were fine.  The cave was amazing and we all learned a lot!  I'm so glad we went.  I am really enjoying the age my kids are so that we can do so many fun things!

getting ready to start the tour
(we took a school bus to get to the entrance and Will was beyond excited about that part!)

Not a great picture but the only one I have
(it is really hard to figure out how to take decent pictures in a really dark cave)

amazing ceiling of the cave

we saw millions of stalactites and stalagmites