Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Kindergarten Awards Day

Today was awards day at Isabel's school.  Basically it was like their kindergarten graduation because their "award" said kindergarten diploma.  However, Isabel got an extra award for top accelerated reader.  One student in each class got this award and Isabel was so excited to get it.  She even got to go to an ice cream party last week that was only for the top readers.  She is so proud and we could not be more proud of her!! 

Isabel getting her awards

I love that huge grin on her face as she stood in the front

So proud of her awards!!

although we already experienced some "girl drama" this year, these girls really bonded and became good friends

This is what happened when I told Will to go stand by his sister for a picture....

Silly girls always ready to have their picture taken
Isabel, Chloe, Olivia and Keely

Isabel has really liked her teacher this year

After the awards ceremony all of the parents went back to the classroom.  Mrs. Dunn showed us a slide show she made for each student of pictures throughout the year.  There may have been some tears in my eyes as I realized how much Isabel has grown up this year and how fast it has gone.

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