Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Field Day fun

There have been plenty of events to make the end of the year lots of fun!  Yesterday Isabel's school had their field day.  I'm not sure what I imagined field day would be like but I know I was not prepared for the absolute chaos.  It was fun chaos though.  Isabel and her friends definitely enjoyed it although parts were hard for our little perfectionist.  Isabel does not like to try anything unless she knows that she can do it perfectly and that she can win if it is a competition.  Her teacher told her that there would be a bubble gum blowing station a week before and she worried about that constantly because she can't blow a bubble.  Josh and I were able to go and forced encouraged her to try most stations and thankfully she had fun regardless of how well she did.

Isabel's field day group

showing off some balance

trying to limbo......I'm not sure any of them had the correct technique!

I'm pretty sure the Popsicle was their favorite part especially since the high was 90 that day!

So happy daddy got to come too!

Serious concentration during the egg and spoon race

Class picture
I can't believe they are almost first graders!

Afterwards we were allowed to check her out and take her to lunch.  It is not often that Isabel gets Josh and me to herself so it was special for all of us!

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