Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Memorial Day Weekend Trip

For our first weekend of Summer, the kids and I packed up and headed to Birmingham.  Unfortunately Josh had a meeting all day Friday and had to preach Sunday so he couldn't come with us.  We missed him but still had a fun weekend.  The kids played in the sprinkler, played at the park, played with cousins and tons more. 

Ready to get wet!

Why does he look super old in this picture?

We played at a park but there was no shade and we didn't make it long.  I forgot how hot 85 degrees feels in the sun!

Will has finally learned to pump his legs and swing without needing me to push him.  Honestly I think he figured it out a while ago but just liked to be pushed better.

One of our main reasons for making the trip was to meet our new niece/cousin, Addy.  She is precious and we loved getting to see her and her older sisters.  Isabel got to hold her and loved every second of it.  She takes her position as "oldest cousin" very seriously!

Uncle Matt also set up a slip n slide for the kids.  This was their first time on one and I wasn't sure what they would think.  Well, they LOVED it!!  I love the looks on their faces in each picture!

Monday, May 27, 2013

T-ball time

Will is finally old enough to play T-ball and he is beyond excited!  He has loved baseball since he was old enough to hold a ball but in the past he has had to make do with playing in our backyard.  Now is the time to play on a real team and have real games.  Because of a lack of people wanting to coach, Josh was finally convinced to sign on as his head coach.  One of Will's good friends is on his team and his dad played baseball in high school, college and beyond so he is helping to coach too.  After some rained out practices, Will had his first real practice on a baseball field and it was hilarious!  This is going to be a fun HOT season!!

kindergarten wrap-up

Isabel is officially a kindergarten graduate. As much as she loved school, she was definitely ready for summer to start!  I cannot believe that the year is really over.  9 months ago I was sure this would be my longest and most difficult year as a mommy.  I can still clearly remember the feeling of sadness and complete helplessness I felt on the first day of school when I left my baby girl crying in her room surrounded by strangers knowing I would not be with her for the next 7 hours.  I literally thought about her all day, wondering how she was doing and was beyond relieved when she jumped in my van that afternoon with a huge smile on her face.  Throughout the year I worried less about her during the day but still loved the moment when she would jump in the van ready to tell me all about her day!

First day of kindergarten and Last day of kindergarten

Others may not notice a huge change in Isabel but to me she has changed so much this year.  She has grown up and become so much more independent!  In fact, she now refuses to hold my hand when we are walking somewhere.  She informed me that she was just too big for that now.  Yes, there may have been some tears in my eyes. (and yes, I may still force her to hold my hand sometimes...just because)  Although it hurts my heart just a little, I am so proud of my little girl for facing and overcoming so many fears.  She can still be pretty shy in new situations but she is quicker to try new things and talk to new people.  My little girl is growing up.

Academically Isabel has done amazingly well this year.  It was no surprise to us that she absolutely loves learning!!  She was always so excited to come home and share a new skill she learned or a new fact or concept she had been taught.  Her teacher told us multiple times during the year how helpful Isabel has been with the other students.  When she finishes her work before many of the others, her teacher would have her help some students that needed more help.  There were also many times that she helped a Hispanic student who barely spoke English at the beginning of the year with flashcards and sight words.  She tells us often that she wants to be a teacher so she loved getting to help him and was so proud of what he was learning.  At the beginning of kindergarten, Isabel could read most words that she could easily sound out.  However somewhere during that first semester, reading just clicked with her and suddenly she could read anything she wanted.  We have always sayed she had an amazing memory and I think that memory helped her to remember a sight word after only seeing it once or twice.  In January her teacher had her tested and she scored a late 1st grade/early 2nd grade reading level. After that her teacher started her reading more difficult books and then taking reading comprehension tests on them.  Isabel loved it and we are so proud of her!

We have "enjoyed" a little 6 year old girl drama this year but have tried to turn those into learning opportunities about friendships and how to treat people.  Fortunately most of the girls in her class were very sweet and they had fun together.  Many of the boys, however, were pretty wild and not big on following the rules which drove my rule following daughter absolutely crazy!!

Overall it was a good year but I am very thankful for summer and choosing not to think about 1st grade just yet......

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Kindergarten Awards Day

Today was awards day at Isabel's school.  Basically it was like their kindergarten graduation because their "award" said kindergarten diploma.  However, Isabel got an extra award for top accelerated reader.  One student in each class got this award and Isabel was so excited to get it.  She even got to go to an ice cream party last week that was only for the top readers.  She is so proud and we could not be more proud of her!! 

Isabel getting her awards

I love that huge grin on her face as she stood in the front

So proud of her awards!!

although we already experienced some "girl drama" this year, these girls really bonded and became good friends

This is what happened when I told Will to go stand by his sister for a picture....

Silly girls always ready to have their picture taken
Isabel, Chloe, Olivia and Keely

Isabel has really liked her teacher this year

After the awards ceremony all of the parents went back to the classroom.  Mrs. Dunn showed us a slide show she made for each student of pictures throughout the year.  There may have been some tears in my eyes as I realized how much Isabel has grown up this year and how fast it has gone.

Field Day fun

There have been plenty of events to make the end of the year lots of fun!  Yesterday Isabel's school had their field day.  I'm not sure what I imagined field day would be like but I know I was not prepared for the absolute chaos.  It was fun chaos though.  Isabel and her friends definitely enjoyed it although parts were hard for our little perfectionist.  Isabel does not like to try anything unless she knows that she can do it perfectly and that she can win if it is a competition.  Her teacher told her that there would be a bubble gum blowing station a week before and she worried about that constantly because she can't blow a bubble.  Josh and I were able to go and forced encouraged her to try most stations and thankfully she had fun regardless of how well she did.

Isabel's field day group

showing off some balance

trying to limbo......I'm not sure any of them had the correct technique!

I'm pretty sure the Popsicle was their favorite part especially since the high was 90 that day!

So happy daddy got to come too!

Serious concentration during the egg and spoon race

Class picture
I can't believe they are almost first graders!

Afterwards we were allowed to check her out and take her to lunch.  It is not often that Isabel gets Josh and me to herself so it was special for all of us!

perfect night for putt-putt

Despite the ridiculously terrible allergies, I love spring!!  It has rained more than I would like recently so we definitely take advantage of the pretty days and nights.  Last weekend we decided to take the kids to play putt-putt.  The love it and are getting a little better.  It seems like on most holes they get a 2 or 3 or they get about a 10.  Not sure what that is about.  I think it has a lot to do with their attention span and how much they care at that moment.  Sometimes Will seems to be playing hockey as he hits his ball to the hole but this time he actually waited until the ball stopped and hit it again for some of the holes.  Progress I guess.

Isabel realizing she got a hole in one!!
(I got one on this hole too...just in case you were wondering)

Will is really concentrating (notice his tongue sticking out)

love them!

Will got a hole in one too
(who knows what Isabel is doing)

oh how I wish I could freeze time

Will intently watching daddy while he bats

Have I mentioned lately how much I love these ages?!  It is just so much fun to do things with them.  I'm so ready for summer freedom!

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Mother's Day 2013

Today was such a great Mother's Day!  I got to hear Josh preach an amazing sermon this morning, had lunch with my family, and then just sat outside reading my book which is my ultimate relaxation! Then tonight we had a cookout with friends and even made s'mores.  We also got to spend time with Josh's mom who we had not seen in a while.  The only thing that could have made it better was if we could have seen my mom but we know we will see her soon!

I also forced my family to take some pictures which is never an easy task but always worth it!

So thankful I get to be their mommy

Isabel was so excited to give me the gift she made at school

Will was so proud of his hand print flower

Isabel and Will love their Nana (and Grams too!)

This would be our family picture....with our children "being dinosaurs"
Us trying to be normal

On Friday before Mother's Day Will told me that since it was so close to Mother's Day that could be my special day too.  He said that I didn't have to do anything because he and daddy would do it.  About an hour later he needed my help with something and said, "sorry mommy.  I just don't think mommies can have a day where they get to do whatever they want."

big kids

The other day Isabel and Will wanted to take pictures of themselves to send to friends that moved away.  We ended up with some pretty cute pictures.  I just keep thinking about how big they look! My babies are definitely not babies anymore.

My little diva enjoying the sun one day after way too much rain

Friday, May 10, 2013

Josh's first Wedding

A few weeks ago Josh was asked to perform a wedding......which was his first wedding to ever perform.  I think he was a little anxious going into it but he did a great job!  It was an outside wedding and rained all day but luckily the rained stopped just in time.  The kids and I went and had a good time!