Wednesday, April 24, 2013

First field trip

Isabel's first field trip was last week.  She was beyond excited and counted down the days for weeks after their teacher told them about it.  Although she has been to the zoo tons of times, she had never driven there on a bus or gone with her school friends.  I was so excited to go as well.  We had great weather and had such a fun day!

I think Isabel's favorite thing about the field trip was riding the bus.  She had never been on a school bus before and was completely shocked that there were no seat belts!!

There are way more boys in Isabel's class than girls but I love that the girls are all pretty close.  She is going to miss these sweet girls over the summer.  She already asks daily about having sleepovers!

Our fun little group trying to see the elephants.  They usually come a lot closer but maybe they heard there was a big group of kindergartners and stayed away. ha!

sweet girls

Isabel has never been a big fan of petting the animals so she and Chloe had fun posing for pictures instead.

Her kindergarten class. 
At the time I took this, I thought I had a great picture of her class.  Then I came home and looked at it closely and could not stop laughing.  I'm not sure if you can tell but we obviously had them looking straight into the sun.  Most of the kids are not even looking at the ones that are looking are making hilarious faces.  oops! sorry kids
Isabel really enjoyed her first field trip and I am so thankful I got to go with her.  The only downside was how bad her allergies were after a full day outside.  Her eyes were so red and hurting by the time we got on the bus that she just laid her head in my lap and closed them the whole way home.  We went straight to the pharmacy to get some allergy eye drops to add to her daily claritin. Gotta love spring!

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

April catch up

I just realized that I have not blogged at all in April and it is April 23.  Woops.  Sorry about that!  It has definitely been an interesting and busy month.  Our pastor resigned at the end of March so Josh has taken on many new responsibilities at work.  He has preached every Sunday in April and will preach in May as well.  Luckily he is great at preaching and enjoys it but his schedule is definitely a little busier.  The kids and I have enjoyed the weather and have spent a lot of time outside which makes everyone happy!!

I don't think I have taken a single picture with my camera all month so a catch up from with pictures from my phone will have to do....

I have been taking care of two sweet kids since January two days a week. We spend a lot of time at the library or the park or just playing at home.  One day I also found that $1 sunglasses from target make everyone happy!!

My little man got spring pictures taken at school.  I cannot stand how old he looks in these pictures!

Isabel went to a tea party birthday party for one of her best friends and had the best time.  The girls dressed up and brought their dolls with them.  

They made hats and were given gloves, pearls and pink boas to complete their outfits.

We signed Will up for tee ball.  He doesn't start practice with his team until May but of course he and Josh have already started their own practicing.  Will has always been great with a wiffle ball and plastic bat but it took him a little while to get used to hitting a baseball off of a tee with a metal bat.  He is getting better and better though.

Isabel finally learned to tie her shoes.  I'll be honest, I just haven't really tried to teach her this skill before now.  She didn't have any shoes that tied so I didn't even think about it.  Thanks to a book from Grams, she actually learned pretty quickly.

My little man and me at the playground at Isabel's school

Isabel doing some climbing

It has been a fun month but I think we are all ready for school to be out so we can have even more fun!