Saturday, March 30, 2013

Spring Break

Because Isabel is in kindergarten this year, I consider it our first real spring break and we definitely enjoyed it!!  After church Sunday, we loaded up and headed to Birmingham.  As always it was a fun trip.  We saw family and friends.  We went to a children's museum, ate at some restaurants we miss and Josh and I enjoyed a night out with free babysitting!!

It is always fun to get together with some friends from college and their sweet kids.

Isabel and Will love their cousins!  For some reason they all decided to take a zillion toys from the playroom and put them all on my mom's guest bed instead to play with there.  I'll be honest, it kept them busy and happy so the adults got to talk.  Win-Win!

All 4 kids are crazy and way crazier when they are all together.  Obviously decent pictures of all 4 are pretty much impossible and will be come even more impossible when we add a 5th cousin soon!!  We can't wait! :)

Too much cuteness in that little bed

We love the McWane Center in Birmingham!!

driving a submarine...

I know I will never be ready for the day when Isabel is behind the wheel of a real car!

The only thing scarier is the thought of Will driving a car someday! ha!

I saw this sign and thought I would "trick" Isabel with it. I remember learning about the "stroop effect" in school and I assumed she would have a hard time (like I always do).  Well, I was super wrong.  She read through the list of colors as quickly as possible without the slightest hesitation.  THEN I read the note at the bottom saying kids who are just beginning to read actually don't have trouble because they are actually still reading the words.  Interesting....

this kid loves playing in the water
so does she!
After our trip to Birmingham, we continued the fun at home.  We went to the movies, had movie night at home, ate donuts and went to fun Easter events.  It was so nice to have this week without school.  Is it summer yet?

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