Tuesday, March 26, 2013

dance sneak peek

After the Easter egg hunt at church, Isabel had a quick transformation and we were off to her dance pictures.  The recital is not until June so this was a practice run to make sure we followed all of the rules regarding the costumes, tights, make-up, hair, etc.  I have to admit that I actually complained a lot about all of this for weeks before the pictures.  There were changes to make to one of the costumes that required sewing- a skill I do not have (but now realize that I desperately need to learn).  I was annoyed that after paying so much for the actual dance classes and costumes and shoes I also had to buy a new kind of tights that were, of course, way more expensive.  I was hesitant about putting real make-up (beyond lip gloss or a little blush that we have done before) on my 6 year old.  Plus the importance placed on having their hair done in such a specific way stressed me out.

HOWEVER, I will now admit that it was not as bad as I was making it out to be.  I actually had fun playing "dress up" with my precious daughter that will be too old to want to do things like that with me way too soon.  Isabel was beyond excited about the make-up and I was thankful she still looked like my sweet girl- only a little older.  As I was putting mascara on those long eye lashes of hers, there was a moment when I could just see exactly what she would look like as a teenager.  Ugh, I'm not ready for her to grow up just yet. 

She loves her tap dance

My beautiful ballerina

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