Saturday, March 9, 2013

Back to the Zoo

I think winter may be really be over.  I was holding out for a big snow but I'm finally realizing that my snow dream most likely will not come true so now I am just ready for spring!!  Today was our first beginning-to-look-like-spring day and we took full advantage of it by going to the zoo......along with everyone else in Nashville and surrounding areas.  Regardless of the people, we had a great time!

Watching the gibbons swing.  They were unusually quiet today.

These crazy kids love their zoo maps

This was a big day for Isabel.  She (like her mom) is not a big fan of getting anywhere near birds.  Every other time we have stopped in the bird house at the zoo, Josh and Will try to feed the birds and love having them land on them while Isabel begs to leave.  I think she is mainly just terrified that one will poop on her! However, today she decided that she wanted to feed the birds too and she did!!

so proud of herself

Love the elephants

better view from the other side.  These guys are huge!

Will trying to spot a meerkat

This girl has always loved the flamingos

I kept thinking today how much I love these ages (even though it makes me so sad that they are growing up at the same time).  It is so so so much easier and way less stressful to go places with them.  They are much more flexible and just fun to be around.  I was reminded how big my little girl is getting as she read every sign to us this time!!

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The Gaymons said...

Your two are so cute!
I agree that it is fun as they get older. We are starting over with Oliver, but I am trying to enjoy every phase because my first two grew up so fast. =)