Friday, February 8, 2013

Isabel's party

We had Isabel's birthday party at a local inflatable place called Hoppity Hop the day after her birthday.  She invited the girls in her class at school and some friends from church and all but one girl came!  They had a great time!!  It is so fun to watch her interact with all of her friends.  Josh and I eat lunch with Isabel regularly and I work in her class some so we know a lot of her friends.  I am so thankful that she is in a class full of sweet friends.

My sweet 6 year old loved every minute of her party!

She loves the slides

Will had fun but he had a little trouble sharing his sister too.  He does not like when Isabel wants to play with her friends instead of him.

They had music playing and black lights/disco ball so the girls had fun dancing when they were not jumping and sliding

Josh and Will really liked the baseball inflatable

She posed for me at the bottom of the slide and told me to take her picture.

This picture makes me laugh because Isabel held up six fingers in 90% of the pictures I took that day but this time she held up 10 for some reason!!

One of Isabel's friends has a brother Will's age so he came too.  These boys were working hard while taking a break from jumping and sliding.

You gotta love girls.  They were all excited to take millions of pictures!!

Isabel picked out cute owl themed invitations, plates, napkins, etc.  We could not find a cake she liked so someone told me about this lady that makes cupcakes for great prices.  I sent her a picture of the invitation and she decorated the cupcakes exactly to match.  Isabel was thrilled!!

We decided not to have 6 candles so it wouldn't mess up the owl

Isabel got so many great gifts from her sweet friends.  This was the first time she could actually read most of the cards she got too.

These crazy boys survived a party full of girls!!

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