Monday, February 4, 2013


It has been a while since I have done a funnies post....mainly because I can never remember the funny things they say.  Here are a few I remember though.

**I ordered a large tater tot for us to share at Sonic
Isabel: how are we going to share that?
me: what do you mean? (I couldn't figure out what she was talking about)
Will: yeah, are they just going to give us one big tater tot we have to cut up?

**On that same trip the food came really quickly
me: wow! That was fast
Isabel: Well, she did say it would be right out mom

**Isabel reads everything she sees these days which means we are constantly explaining things.  One day she was reading her milk at Chick-fil-A
Isabel:  What does that mean? Am I fat or free?

**Within the first 30 seconds of the super bowl
Isabel: How do babies come out?
Will: Why do most of the football players have brown skin?

**We listen to Christian/praise music 90% of the time but recently my kids have decided they really like Taylor Swift so we listen to her new songs sometimes too which led to this conversation:
Isabel: She is really silly
me: Taylor Swift? Why?
Isabel: yeah because she is always singing about her boyfriend or to her boyfriend. She should sing about something else sometimes
Will: yeah like about houses, or cars, or potties
Isabel: umm I mean like God Will!

**The main reason we mainly listen to Christian music:
We were eating frozen yogurt one night and they have music playing and the singer's picture shown on the screen.  For some reason my children discuss the pictures and songs the whole time we are there.  This time we were listening to a lovely little song about "getting sideways." I can't remember the exact lyrics but it said something about "that is what a parking lot is for."
Isabel starts laughing and says: Umm did you hear that? They said that is what a parking lot is for.  I think parking lots are to park in!

**While talking about Adam and Eve
Me to Will: Do you remember where Adam and Eve lived?
Will:  ummmmmmmm.........
me: Garden of.............
Will: EGYPT!!!!