Tuesday, January 15, 2013

iphone and instagram

Although I said was going to be better about it, I am still leaving my good camera at home and just taking quick pictures with my phone all of the time.  This means too many things get skipped on the blog and that makes me sad.  Even if they are not that big of a deal, I want this blog to filled with memories of the big events and just daily fun.  So...here is a bunch of random pictures from my phone from the past few months. 

Most days I have to wake up Will to go get in the car pool line.  This day I walked in and this is what I saw. It seriously took me a minute to even find him!

Hendersonville Christmas Parade was a lot of fun!
There were 2 youth Christmas parties (high school and middle school).  My kids 100% think they are part of the youth group and love the teenagers.  I love them too and love that they are so great with my kids!

My little man with the flu...High fevers are NOT fun! Unfortunately his sister was in the same spot with the same fever 2 days later! :(

I had so much fun helping with Isabel's Christmas winter party at school.  She had so many fun days the last week of school before Christmas and was determined not to miss any by getting sick.  She succeeded.  She started running a fever Friday night after her party day.

Candle light Christmas Eve Service

Will asked when he could light the candle every 2 minutes for the entire service!

We enjoyed some flurries the day after Christmas
Playing at Hoppity Hop the day before school started back

I took the kids to get yogurt one night and Isabel read this entire sign.  I only had to help with the words "weigh" and "ounce."  It still shocks me that she is really reading!

I love peeking in through the window and watching Isabel dance.  She loves tap!

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