Thursday, January 31, 2013

4 kids= crazy!!

I have recently started watching 2 kids a few days a week.  It is working out great and I am thankful for the opportunity.  There is a little girl who is 4 that was in Will's class at school last year. They were best buds and have missed each other this year so they are both excited to get to be together again.  Her little brother is 1.5 and we are all enjoying the chance to play with a little one.  Because of holidays or "snow days" Isabel has been home a few days to play with them too.  She LOVES it!!  She gets a girl to play girly things with but also gets to be a little mommy too.  Will gets a little jealous on those days but is usually good about playing with them or hanging out with the boys.

These little girls can play barbies!

sweet boy loves all of Will's hats

However, he does NOT like Will's superhero masks!!

so silly together

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