Monday, January 28, 2013

100 days smarter...

Last week was Isabel's 100th day of school but the plan was to really celebrate on Friday.  It is hard to believe that my baby girl has been in kindergarten so long.  She has definitely come a long way since those first few days that started with tears and anxiety every morning.  The girl loves school!  This was obvious on Friday morning when we found out school was cancelled due to "ice."  Isabel just started crying at the news.  Luckily they were still able to celebrate their 100 days today.  The kids were encouraged to dress "like they were 100" which Isabel thought was hilarious. 
You can't really tell in this picture but we put baby powder in her hair to make it gray and put it up in a bun.  She decided she wanted to be a "fun old lady" so she wore a crazy print dress with her glasses and pearls.  I think she makes a beautiful 100 year old!

She is very proud of the necklace they made at school.  They started the necklace early last week and worked on it some each day.  Apparently Isabel also helped multiple kids in her class with their necklaces once she was done.  It always concerns me when she first tells me about helping other kids because she can be a little bossy a great leader and wants to be the teacher at times.  However she assured me that her teacher told her to help these kids that were having trouble so I am proud of my helpful girl!

The kids made crowns that said "100 days smarter" and I have no doubt that this is true.  I am constantly amazed at her abilities to read and write.  She now spends her rest/quiet time on the weekends writing notes to Josh or me, or her school teacher or Sunday school teacher.  Her other favorite pastime is texting. She can read and write her own texts and feels so grown up.  I love how she spells words and often refuse to tell her the correct way even though she knows that red squiggly line means she spelled something wrong.  I know that will be important soon but right now I love her phonetic spelling.

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