Tuesday, December 4, 2012

welcome tooth fairy

Another milestone for my baby girl....she lost her first tooth.  It has been loose for a while.  A week after Halloween she was eating a tootsie roll and started complaining that her tooth hurt.  I realized it was because it was a little loose and she was so excited.  The past few days it had gotten really loose and she was complaining every time she ate.  Finally Josh was able to pull it out (I don't do teeth. To be honest the whole thing is really really gross to me!)

Isabel was ecstatic!  She didn't even care that there was some blood in her mouth (usually she can be quite the drama queen about blood).  Luckily my mom had given Isabel a tooth fairy pillow when she was here a couple of weeks ago for Will's birthday.  Isabel was so excited to put her tooth in the little pocket and wait to see what the tooth fairy would leave!  With an elf and the tooth fairy, there was a lot of activity at our house that night while everyone was sleeping. :)

I have to admit that I got a little teary eyed over this lost tooth.  It just reminds me that she is really growing up.  I have always felt that kids look so much older as soon as they start losing teeth and getting "big" teeth.  I am not ready for a "big kid" smile on my baby girl!

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