Thursday, December 27, 2012

Thanks Santa!

We had such a nice Christmas this year. Because there was nowhere we had to go and nothing we had to do, it was a fun and relaxing day with our family.  Ironically Isabel and Will slept later Christmas morning than they had in weeks.  Will came in our room, climbed up in bed and simply asked if they could open one present (the same question he had been asking every 10 minutes for the previous 48 hours).  He had completely forgotten that it was Christmas and that Santa had come! :)  Once we reminded him, he quickly woke up his sister and both kids were ready to get downstairs to see what Santa left for them.

Isabel's first glance at her presents
So many fun gifts from Santa this year

Will was so excited about his new superhero color wonder book he didn't notice his big bat cave or transformer until we pointed it out 

It did not take Isabel long to notice her new doll. She was quick to introduce "Katie" to all of us

Finally noticed his bat cave

I do love the chaos of Christmas spread out all over the floor, kids with crazy bedhead quickly moving from one thing to another, constant squeals of excitement and the smell of cinnamon rolls cooking in the kitchen!

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