Thursday, December 27, 2012

Christmas continued...

After seeing what Santa brought, a yummy breakfast and some quick showers, it was time to continue the present opening......
Isabel showed Nana this barbie house months ago and was so excited that she really got it!  This girl is all about her barbies.  I love her imagination and watching the scenarios she acts out in her barbie world.  I can't help but be reminded of the hours and hours I spent playing with barbies when I was younger.  

Josh and Will working hard to put the house together

We love new leapster explorer games!

Isabel is all about silly socks.  Her socks almost never match under her boots and she loves it!  She got plenty of silly socks to keep her feet warm and make her laugh!

Will loves that he can now lay in bed and look at the moon, stars and Alabama A on his ceiling!!

Isabel got this robe and loved it so much that she wanted to keep it on while opening more presents

Isabel and Will got the game Guess Who and they love it.  I cannot even begin to count the number of games we have already played!

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kaw said...

Mae has been desperate for a Dreamlite for months and she finally got one. It was by far her favorite present!! I didn't know there was an AL one. Roll Tide Will! ;) Looks like y'all had a super fun Christmas!