Thursday, December 27, 2012

Christmas continued...

After seeing what Santa brought, a yummy breakfast and some quick showers, it was time to continue the present opening......
Isabel showed Nana this barbie house months ago and was so excited that she really got it!  This girl is all about her barbies.  I love her imagination and watching the scenarios she acts out in her barbie world.  I can't help but be reminded of the hours and hours I spent playing with barbies when I was younger.  

Josh and Will working hard to put the house together

We love new leapster explorer games!

Isabel is all about silly socks.  Her socks almost never match under her boots and she loves it!  She got plenty of silly socks to keep her feet warm and make her laugh!

Will loves that he can now lay in bed and look at the moon, stars and Alabama A on his ceiling!!

Isabel got this robe and loved it so much that she wanted to keep it on while opening more presents

Isabel and Will got the game Guess Who and they love it.  I cannot even begin to count the number of games we have already played!

Thanks Santa!

We had such a nice Christmas this year. Because there was nowhere we had to go and nothing we had to do, it was a fun and relaxing day with our family.  Ironically Isabel and Will slept later Christmas morning than they had in weeks.  Will came in our room, climbed up in bed and simply asked if they could open one present (the same question he had been asking every 10 minutes for the previous 48 hours).  He had completely forgotten that it was Christmas and that Santa had come! :)  Once we reminded him, he quickly woke up his sister and both kids were ready to get downstairs to see what Santa left for them.

Isabel's first glance at her presents
So many fun gifts from Santa this year

Will was so excited about his new superhero color wonder book he didn't notice his big bat cave or transformer until we pointed it out 

It did not take Isabel long to notice her new doll. She was quick to introduce "Katie" to all of us

Finally noticed his bat cave

I do love the chaos of Christmas spread out all over the floor, kids with crazy bedhead quickly moving from one thing to another, constant squeals of excitement and the smell of cinnamon rolls cooking in the kitchen!

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Christmas Eve Service

After letting Isabel and Will open their gifts to each other (and a few more that they convinced the adults they needed to open) we ate a quick dinner and then got ready for the candlelight Christmas Eve service at church. 

Isabel Loved her dress!

 I am so thankful for my sweet family!

Christmas Eve 2012- Sibling gifts

After weeks of Isabel, Will and I being sick with the flu and Josh having to take care of us, I cannot tell you how thankful I was that we were all starting to feel better by Christmas Eve.  Yes, there were still plenty of runny noses and coughing but no more 104 degree fevers and much happier children.  Grams and Nana were even willing to risk coming to our sick house to celebrate Christmas with us.

Isabel and Will got to open their presents from each other.  I love how excited they were about giving each other gifts that they knew the other would love.

First it was Isabel's turn

and she loved the play-doh set Will picked out for her
Then it was Will's turn

just what every little boy needs...Hulk Hands!

Sweet siblings

Will loves his hulk hands!

getting ready for Christmas

A few weeks ago we were already getting excited about Christmas.  We decided to take a chance and go to the big mall near us one Saturday afternoon.  I expected it to be busy but never guessed how crazy it would be.  We thought about trying to see Santa at Bass Pro Shop but as soon as we saw the parking lot, it was obvious that it was not going to happen.  Luckily the kids were good sports and had fun just seeing Santa from afar.

The kids did write their letters to Santa

Little did I know that our 2+ week long battle with the flu and croup would start soon after and we would not be able to do any other fun Christmas activities.....

Friday, December 7, 2012

Gingerbread House Masterpieces

Every year our church has a night dedicated to decorating gingerbread houses and it is always one of my favorite nights.  The kids enjoy it so much!  What could be better than pizza, eating decorating with candy and playing with friends?  This year we had a huge turnout with about 250 people there.  In case you are wondering, that is a lot of pizzas, graham crackers and tons of candy!!

Isabel informed me that eating pizza was more difficult with her missing tooth

Will and some of his best buddies. From the back these boys look so much alike. I cannot tell you how many times I have called for or talked to one of the other boys thinking it was Will and I am definitely not the only one!

It is blurry but the only picture I had of Isabel and her friend, Lillie. These girls are so precious, so well-behaved and so grown-up!

Decorating gingerbread houses takes serious concentration!

 There was a ton of students there too which is always fun for my kids.  These are our favorite babysitters and Isabel was so excited to show them that she lost her tooth!

There were lots and lots of gingerbread houses. I am always amazed at how creative some people are!

This is our 3rd year of the gingerbread house night.  Looking back just reminds me once again of how fast they are growing up. 

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

welcome tooth fairy

Another milestone for my baby girl....she lost her first tooth.  It has been loose for a while.  A week after Halloween she was eating a tootsie roll and started complaining that her tooth hurt.  I realized it was because it was a little loose and she was so excited.  The past few days it had gotten really loose and she was complaining every time she ate.  Finally Josh was able to pull it out (I don't do teeth. To be honest the whole thing is really really gross to me!)

Isabel was ecstatic!  She didn't even care that there was some blood in her mouth (usually she can be quite the drama queen about blood).  Luckily my mom had given Isabel a tooth fairy pillow when she was here a couple of weeks ago for Will's birthday.  Isabel was so excited to put her tooth in the little pocket and wait to see what the tooth fairy would leave!  With an elf and the tooth fairy, there was a lot of activity at our house that night while everyone was sleeping. :)

I have to admit that I got a little teary eyed over this lost tooth.  It just reminds me that she is really growing up.  I have always felt that kids look so much older as soon as they start losing teeth and getting "big" teeth.  I am not ready for a "big kid" smile on my baby girl!

Leaves, leaves and more leaves

We have 4 HUGE trees that line our driveway.  A few weeks ago I loves these trees so much because the leaves were so many beautiful colors.  Now those beautiful leaves are EVERYWHERE.  Josh decided that it was time to do something about them but first the kids raked them into a huge pile and took turns jumping until it was dark...

Christmas card photo shoot

My goal this past weekend was to get a picture to use on our Christmas card.  I know from previous experience that it would not be easy so I was prepared for it to not go well.  Fortunately it was actually pretty easy to get a pretty good picture. For the first time ever, I had 2 pictures that I liked that I could not decide between.  That is seriously a miracle!

Since there was a big game that afternoon (ROLL TIDE!!) we were all wearing our Alabama attire and had to take a few pictures of that first...

After changing into more "Christmassy" clothes, we got a few good pictures and some funny ones too...
This is what you get when daddy stands behind the photographer making crazy faces

Getting a normal smiling face from Will is not easy. Usually we get this kind of thing...

Somehow the photo-shoot ended by playing in the leaves. At first is was fun to just throw them up in the air...

but soon they were throwing them at each other and laughing like crazy!