Saturday, November 17, 2012

Party like a 4 year old!

Last night we celebrated Will's 4th birthday with a fun party at Monkey Joe's (a big indoor play area with bounce houses, slides and games).  There could not have been a more perfect party for our crazy little man.  He had so much fun running around with his friends, bouncing and sliding and wrestling.

After counting down to his party for weeks, Will was so excited that it was finally party time!
there was a time when I was allowed to pick out a sweet birthday outfit for my little boy.  apparently those times are over.  All he wanted was to wear "slicky pants" and his alabama shirt.  Oh well, at least it wasn't shorts.....

Letting his sister share the cool birthday throne!

So glad Nana and Grams could make it to celebrate with us

This place has a ton of huge bounce houses and slides but Will's favorite place to play was a big space with blow-up animals and boats in it meant for little kids.  Will and his friends feel like it is their own personal wrestling mat.  I am constantly afraid they are going to hurt each other but other than a few bumped heads, they have huge smiles on their faces the whole time.  I'm not sure I will ever truly get used to boys!! :)

Will and his buddy Aidan

Isabel was very excited that one of Will's friends has a sister that is her age.  They were inseparable all night!

After an hour of jumping the kids were more than ready for some juice, pizza and cake!!

Monkey Joe came to visit!!

Will LOVED his cake!!

Happy birthday to you....

Blowing out 4 candles!!

Will loved every single one of his gifts. He took plenty to bed with him that night to play with before falling asleep

There was time for a little more jumping and sliding before it was time to go.

It was a great night!!  I am so thankful for friends and family that came to celebrate my little man with us!  He loved his party and had so much fun!!

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