Friday, November 16, 2012

kindergarten update...

Because I don't want to be that mom I usually only take pictures with my phone when I am helping in Isabel's classroom instead of using my real camera.  Unfortunately that means that the pictures are not great and don't always get put on the blog so this post will serve as an update for the last few months of school.

First of all, she still loves school!!  She loves her teacher, has made many friends with some sweet girls in her class and is learning so so much!  She is constantly being rewarded for good behavior and gets many "jobs" from her teacher because she knows that Isabel is responsible enough to handle them.  I am amazed at how well she can already read and write.  In fact, she has started spelling out words or sentences instead of just saying them.  This morning she said, "m-o-m-m-y-I-a-m-t-i-r-e-d" and she when she needs Josh or me she spells out our names instead of just calling us.  She also loves the "related arts" classes they go to.  I honestly never really thought about those aspects of school and learning and I'm constantly impressed as she "teaches" me about texture, collages, music notes, etc.  I am very proud of our little girl and love any chance I get to help out in her classroom.  Josh and I also eat lunch with her pretty regularly which is always fun.  She gets to pick a friend to sit with us so we have really gotten to know a lot of her friends.  Plus I love the thought Isabel puts in to deciding who to choose.  It makes me a proud mommy when she picks a little girl who has never gotten to sit at the special table even though she may not be her best friend because she knows it will make her happy.

Isabel and her class at the Bulldog Walk.  The kids raised money by getting people to sponsor them and then walking as many laps as they could in an hour.  They worked hard and did a great job!

While waiting to eat lunch with Isabel one day I saw this on the wall.  I am so proud of this girl and her sweet heart!

Isabel has been telling us facts about the Pilgrims, Indians and first Thanksgiving for weeks.  Today Josh, Will and I got to have a Thanksgiving Feast with her (that consisted of the pbj, grapes and yogurt she brought from home because she refuses to buy her lunch)
I am so thankful that Isabel is loving school.  I am thankful that she is exactly where God knew she needed to be!  I am so proud of my little girl.

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