Friday, November 23, 2012

4 years with Will

Somehow my baby turned 4.  I have no idea how that happened.  He told me the other day that he is not a baby anymore because he is a big boy now but we can still cuddle on the couch.  Love that boy so much! 

Will is:
still 100% boy
loves all things sports
hates wearing pants because he thinks he cannot play sports as well in them
will only wear athletic pants when he must wear pants
has a new obsession with superheros
has never actually seen a superhero movie
can go from happiest kid in the world to screaming mad in .2 seconds
loves to break dance
loves school
always follows the rules at school....not always the case at home
can count to 100 (with a little help on the 20,30,40 etc)
writes his name well and some letters
has finally learned to play by himself now that Isabel is at school all day
usually plays in his bed at least 30min every night before falling asleep
has an amazing imagination
currently one of his favorite toys is a plain rectangular wooden block
that block can be anything
sweet boy who loves to cuddle
loves to point out the obvious
sings all the time
drives his sister crazy but loves her so much
still allergic to milk and peanuts
makes us laugh

4 year old stats:
38 pounds (a little under 75th percentile)
41.5 inches (a little over 75th percentile)

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