Monday, October 15, 2012

Samford Homecoming

Our main reason for heading to Birmingham last weekend was for Samford's homecoming. As hard as it is believe, it was actually our 10 year reunion. I'm still not sure how we are that old but anyway.....We had a great day at Samford showing the kids around and catching up with old friends.
Gotta have a picture of the kids in front of one of the fountains

group shots with 6 kids ages 5 and younger are not easy (and we were even missing 3)
Attempt #2

Josh got to show the kids around Beeson

I loved getting to catch up with sweet friends
don't you love the wind-blown look?
We had to take a trip back to our sorority house and show the kids were we lived and made so many amazing memories..
Will decided he would rather ride on the lion
my sweet little ADPi legacy :)

I LOVED my 4 years at Samford.  I met my husband there, grew in my relationship with God and began friendships that will last a lifetime (especially if we are successful in our plan of arranged marriages between our kids!!) :)

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