Wednesday, October 31, 2012

It's Halloween!!

After multiple pre-Halloween celebrations at school and dance, Isabel and Will were ready for the real thing!!  It was a very cold night but we still had lots of fun and got plenty of candy!!

Superman and my sweet zebra
(Will could not understand why people kept saying things about how he could fly.  He kept saying, "umm I really can't fly. I promise!"  I love how literal they can be!)

superman is ready to fight some bad guys!

My sassy zebra
(who does not care a thing about zebras. she simply liked the outfit)
We started off the night going to the trunk-or-treat at our church and had so much fun!

Isabel and Will with one of the students in our youth group. I love how much these teenagers love my kids and how much my kids love them!!

Josh worked hard putting together the event and did a great job!

The kids made funny pumpkin faces...

warmed up by the fire...

and ate yummy cupcakes and candy!

After church, we did some trick-or-treating in our neighborhood but I had my hands full with these two and didn't get a chance to take any pictures.  When we got home, they were super excited about their loot.  Will thought these vampire teeth were hilarious!


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