Monday, October 15, 2012

Fall Break in Birmingham

I. love. fall. break! Before Isabel started kindergarten, school breaks really didn't mean anything to me.  This year, however, I am loving every break we get!  Fall break means not having to drag Isabel out of the bed in the mornings, not having to rush around to get her to school, not having to sit in carpool line, and getting more time with my girl.  This year Josh is taking a couple of days off so it is even better!!  To celebrate fall break, we headed to Birmingham for a fun long weekend.
My mom's neighbors' had a new tree swing.  Isabel was not sure about it at first...
..but in no time she decided it was the best thing ever!

Our first night there I got to enjoy a 3+ hour dinner with 3 of my best friends from college that I had not seen in way too long.  Josh and his brother went out for a boys night too so that left my mom and Josh's mom with the 4 cousins and they took some pictures to document the fun.  I'm pretty sure they were exhausted by the end of the night!
Will and Ansley
This picture is hilarious to me. Isabel and Avery are posing perfectly but who knows what Will and Ansley are doing. 

Isabel loves playing on the computer at Grams' house because Grams lets her print every masterpiece she creates! (I'm sure we owe Grams a new printer cartridge)
The weather was perfect all weekend so we spent some time at a playground near Nana's house

Sweet siblings

me with my little man

Isabel and Avery were willing to stop and smile
These 4 love each other so much!

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