Monday, September 3, 2012

Ready for some FOOTBALL

Our family is so excited about the return of football! We have already been to multiple high school, middle school and JV games around here and the kids love it as much as we do (possibly due to the fact that sometimes they are allowed to buy some candy from the concession stands).  Last week Josh took Will to the last pre-season Titans game. Will LOVED it!!  The titans have a new screen that is enormous or "as big as our house" according to Will.  He was amazed by it.  He also loved the fireworks after a touchdown!!  It was a perfect game because a pee-wee football team got to play on the field during half time and Will loved watching the "little guys" as much (if not more) than the real players
Josh has looked forward to taking Will to a Titans game for years.  I am glad Will enjoyed it as much as his daddy does!

I love my boys!

A fun souvenir from their night

Saturday was Alabama's first game of the season and we were all dressed in our Alabama attire.  We may live in Tennessee but my kids are quick to yell "NO ORANGE!" when we see UT stuff.  The game was a great game.  I am happy to say that it looks like we will have another good year.  ROLL TIDE!!  Although we didn't watch the game until after the kids were in bed, we re-watched it later with Will while he acted out each play for us! :)

There has been a lot of football played in our house in the past week.  Luckily Unfortunately I am not allowed to play because Will says I do not tackle correctly.  I think I am actually too gentle.  Isabel switches back and forth between player and cheerleader. 

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