Monday, September 24, 2012

Jumping Sky High...

One of the benefits of being the child of a student student minister is that you get to go on fun youth events...sometimes twice.  For the past two Sunday nights Josh has taken a group of students to a place called Sky High.  Basically it is a huge room with tons and tons of trampolines.  The students loved it.  Isabel and Will loved it and I'm pretty sure Josh loved it too!

Isabel jumping super high!

Their favorite part was jumping off of a trampoline into a HUGE foam pit
so ready to jump again

Josh on the rope swing into the foam pit

The foam pit was hard for everyone to get out of but entertaining for those of us not jumping to watch people try to climb out .  There were times when I honestly couldn't find Isabel or Will for a second after they jumped

There were trampolines on the sides too.  Of course Will wanted to jump off of those as well.

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