Wednesday, September 26, 2012


Our week has been crazy busy and exhausting.....and it is only Wednesday.  I needed to take the time to think back on the times my children have made us laugh recently.

**A while ago Will informed Josh that he had hair on his legs and needed to shave it!  Josh quickly explained that boys don't shave their legs.  Later Will told me "mommy, I am almost a daddy.  I have hair on my legs."

Sometimes my kids use the wrong word or phrase and it cracks me up every time....
**Isabel: Will, you are ignoring me!!! (annoying)
**Will: I don't matter (it doesn't matter/I don't care)
**Will: You can tell daddy on me!! (he says this so excitedly all the time.  He means tell daddy something he did that was good)
**Isabel: I scrum when I saw that bug! (screamed)
**Isabel:  Do I have PG today? (PE)

**Will has been learning about different parts of the Bible in Sunday school
Me: what did you learn about in Sunday school today?
Will:  Our story was from the oooooooolllllldddddd testament.  Did you know that it was really old so now we got a new testament that we can read?

**Isabel: I think my teacher's first name is Leigh Anne.  She goes by Mrs. Dunn though

**The other day we were at the park with friends and decided to feed the ducks.  They have machines to buy some duck food for a quarter.  I let Will put the money in, turn the knob and get the food out of the bottom. He loved that more than actually feeding the ducks. 
Later he asked if the people got their money
Me: What people?  Who did we give money to?
Will: The people at the bottom that took the money and gave us the duck food

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kaw said...

Ok, the duck food one is hilarious!!