Friday, September 28, 2012

Johnny Appleseed

I got to help in Isabel's classroom today for the first time.  It was Johnny Appleseed Day and the kids made patterns with apples, made hand print trees with thumb print apples, tasted apples, and made apple turnovers.  I loved seeing Isabel in that environment and getting to meet all of the friends she talks about so often.
We had to do a little photo shoot of her apple outfit before leaving for school

She said she looked like a teacher and this is how teachers sit

Showing off the apple on her skirt
Enjoying her apple turnover with her Johnny Appleseed hat

Sweet friends at her table

Wednesday, September 26, 2012


Our week has been crazy busy and exhausting.....and it is only Wednesday.  I needed to take the time to think back on the times my children have made us laugh recently.

**A while ago Will informed Josh that he had hair on his legs and needed to shave it!  Josh quickly explained that boys don't shave their legs.  Later Will told me "mommy, I am almost a daddy.  I have hair on my legs."

Sometimes my kids use the wrong word or phrase and it cracks me up every time....
**Isabel: Will, you are ignoring me!!! (annoying)
**Will: I don't matter (it doesn't matter/I don't care)
**Will: You can tell daddy on me!! (he says this so excitedly all the time.  He means tell daddy something he did that was good)
**Isabel: I scrum when I saw that bug! (screamed)
**Isabel:  Do I have PG today? (PE)

**Will has been learning about different parts of the Bible in Sunday school
Me: what did you learn about in Sunday school today?
Will:  Our story was from the oooooooolllllldddddd testament.  Did you know that it was really old so now we got a new testament that we can read?

**Isabel: I think my teacher's first name is Leigh Anne.  She goes by Mrs. Dunn though

**The other day we were at the park with friends and decided to feed the ducks.  They have machines to buy some duck food for a quarter.  I let Will put the money in, turn the knob and get the food out of the bottom. He loved that more than actually feeding the ducks. 
Later he asked if the people got their money
Me: What people?  Who did we give money to?
Will: The people at the bottom that took the money and gave us the duck food

Monday, September 24, 2012

Jumping Sky High...

One of the benefits of being the child of a student student minister is that you get to go on fun youth events...sometimes twice.  For the past two Sunday nights Josh has taken a group of students to a place called Sky High.  Basically it is a huge room with tons and tons of trampolines.  The students loved it.  Isabel and Will loved it and I'm pretty sure Josh loved it too!

Isabel jumping super high!

Their favorite part was jumping off of a trampoline into a HUGE foam pit
so ready to jump again

Josh on the rope swing into the foam pit

The foam pit was hard for everyone to get out of but entertaining for those of us not jumping to watch people try to climb out .  There were times when I honestly couldn't find Isabel or Will for a second after they jumped

There were trampolines on the sides too.  Of course Will wanted to jump off of those as well.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Fall Retreat 2012

For the past 4 years Josh has been taking the students on a fall retreat and I have been able to go on the last 3 (thanks Grams and Nana!).  This weekend is easily one of the best events of the year every year.  There are so many things that make it great.  It is a weekend away from the realities of everyday life.  Instead we spend the weekend playing outside, going canoeing, enjoying amazing weather, making smores on a bonfire, looking at a million stars on a hayride and spending time growing closer to God. No one even notices that we spend 2 nights "sleeping" on bunk beds or having to walk to the bathroom.  We scheduled the retreat a little earlier this year but still had good weather.  It was HOT the first night but then it rained and cooled it down for the next day and night. 

This year we had almost 40 kids go plus 9 adults! It was a great group!

I love these kids!! So blessed to get to be part of their lives!

Monday, September 3, 2012

Ready for some FOOTBALL

Our family is so excited about the return of football! We have already been to multiple high school, middle school and JV games around here and the kids love it as much as we do (possibly due to the fact that sometimes they are allowed to buy some candy from the concession stands).  Last week Josh took Will to the last pre-season Titans game. Will LOVED it!!  The titans have a new screen that is enormous or "as big as our house" according to Will.  He was amazed by it.  He also loved the fireworks after a touchdown!!  It was a perfect game because a pee-wee football team got to play on the field during half time and Will loved watching the "little guys" as much (if not more) than the real players
Josh has looked forward to taking Will to a Titans game for years.  I am glad Will enjoyed it as much as his daddy does!

I love my boys!

A fun souvenir from their night

Saturday was Alabama's first game of the season and we were all dressed in our Alabama attire.  We may live in Tennessee but my kids are quick to yell "NO ORANGE!" when we see UT stuff.  The game was a great game.  I am happy to say that it looks like we will have another good year.  ROLL TIDE!!  Although we didn't watch the game until after the kids were in bed, we re-watched it later with Will while he acted out each play for us! :)

There has been a lot of football played in our house in the past week.  Luckily Unfortunately I am not allowed to play because Will says I do not tackle correctly.  I think I am actually too gentle.  Isabel switches back and forth between player and cheerleader. 

Sunday, September 2, 2012

kindergarten update

Isabel has officially finished one full week of kindergarten (her first week of school she only went Monday for her phase-in day and then Thursday and Friday full days).  I am so glad that I can honestly say that she is loving school.  I thought I would do a quick one-week update:
  • Although she does love her class, Isabel is still not always happy when I leave her at school.  The problem is that all of the kids (K-5th) all go to the gym first until they are dismissed by grade to their rooms.  Isabel (and many of the kindergartners actually) is really overwhelmed by the gym and does not want to go in. This has gotten a little better because I just drop her off about 2 minutes before they go to their rooms so she doesn't really go in the gym much at all.
  • Will and I are surviving carpool. Although it is a long line, we keep busy with snacks and books to read.  Plus I get to hear every detail of his day at school on Tuesdays and Thursdays! 
  • Kindergarten is fun but must be exhausting as well.  Isabel has had more melt-downs over little stuff ( like how to arrange her stuffed animals before going to sleep or what shoes to wear) this week than she has in the past 6 months.  We are working on getting in bed earlier to see if that will help.  It is also funny to see how much she misses her toys.  She loves coming home and playing with all of the things she hasn't played with all day.
  • We completed Isabel's first homework assignment.  She was very proud of her "all about me" paper doll that she made.  I took a picture of her at open house...

  • I loved getting to talk to her teacher and spend time in her classroom during open house.  Right now Isabel sits with 3 sweet little girls.  She is making fast friends and comes home with new stories about her new friends every day

  • Isabel is handling the transition really well. Will and I are doing ok too.  To be honest, that first week I was a mess.  It is just the unknown and lack of control that I am not used to that is hard to deal with. Isabel has gone to mother's day out 2 days a week for years but she has always been at our church (down the hall from her daddy) with teachers and directors that we knew well.  I was able to talk to her teacher every morning and afternoon when I dropped her off and most Wednesdays and Sundays too.  Now I know very little about what is going on with her for 7+ hours a day 5 days a week.  Definitely a big change!  I know she is where God wants her to be, though, and I have learned a lot more about trusting God through all of this.
Isabel: we had a fire drill at school today
me: what does that mean? what did you do?
Isabel: well we just go outside and do stuff
me: is a fire drill when you practice what you would do if there was a fire in the building?
Isabel: (thinks for a minute) nope, I'm pretty sure that isn't it

me: remember that you need to wear tennis shoes on Mondays since you have PE
Isabel: what is PE?
me: when you play in the gym
Isabel later that day: do I have PG today?

me: did you know you have a nurse at your school?
Isabel: yes, no doctors though........well actually I guess Dr. Kimble (her principal) is a doctor so we could go to her if we are sick
me: tries to explain the difference between a MD and PHD

My sweet girl is getting so big and I am so proud of her.  She has started a new ballet/tap class, a new Sunday school class and a new kids program at church and is handling all of the changes so well!!  I could not be more proud of her