Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Time for school........or maybe not

School was supposed to start in our county on Monday August 6.  On the Tuesday before, we went to the open house/registration at Isabel's school.  She got to meet all of the teachers and see the rooms and was more excited this time around.  They do a phase-in system for kindergartners at our school.  Basically this means that the first week of school, each kindergartner was assigned a different day and would only go to school on that one day the first week.  After the phase-in week (which includes some testing) the teachers divide up the classes evenly and a teacher was supposed to call and let us know which class Isabel would be in.  Then the 2nd week would begin a normal week.

That is how everything was supposed to go!  Instead, our board of education voted to delay school the Thursday before we were supposed to start because they did not have enough money to balance the budget.  They asked the county commission for an extra $7 million.  The past 2 weeks have been filled with a ridiculous amount of politics instead of focus on what is best for the schools.  Of course the county commission did not want to give this money to the schools because they think the schools simply need to spend less money.  The Board of education is tired of making cuts (including necessary teachers) and just want more money.  Although it is not completely solved, the board did vote tonight to start school this Thursday.  I'm still not sure what that means for Isabel and her phase-in day (which was supposed to be Wed of the phase-in week) but I do know that Will is going to start school Thursday.  He has the teacher that Isabel had at his age that we LOVE and many of his friends in his class so he is pretty excited.
I have been so annoyed with the uncertainty the past few weeks but now that I know there is a definite date for my baby to start kindergarten I am starting to wish for a little longer with her.  I know she will love everything about school but why does it have to be all day 5 days a week?  That just seems so long for her to be away from me!!  We would appreciate any prayers this next week!

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