Tuesday, August 7, 2012

July catch-up

I cannot believe I have not updated the blog in a month.  I am pretty sure that is the longest I have gone between posts in the 5.5 years since starting the blog.  Although there have not been any huge events, July was a fun and busy month.  We spent most of the time swimming, playing with friends, going to the library, swimming, watching $1 movies, bowling, and more swimming.  I have been terrible about bringing my camera places so here is a quick catch-up with pictures from my phone....

Isabel has come a long way in her swimming this summer.  She started wearing water wings, not wanting her face to get wet, and wanting to hold our hands when she jumped in.  Then she started jumping in on her own and swimming with her face under with her wings on.  Now she swims without any water wings and will swim with her face in the water, float on her back and jumps in over and over.

We went to a couple $1 movies this summer.  Isabel loves movies.  Will likes eating candy and waiting for the movie to be over so he can run around instead of sitting in his chair. 

Isabel and Will can fight like crazy but they can also play together really well when they want to.  I'm not sure how many games of "teacher" they played this summer.  I bet you can guess who was the teacher 99% of the time.

Our kids love to play the games on our phones.  It is amazing how quickly they can figure them out.  We have to really limit the time they are allowed to play or they would play on them all day!

We love library story time and crafts!!

Late afternoon and evening swimming is my favorite! No sunscreen to worry about, few people at the pool, and afterwards the kids are tired and ready for bed!

I called the kids to dinner one night and this is how they showed up......

Loving the huge stuffed gorilla at the library that they used to be so terrified of

Fun day jumping and sliding with sweet friends (the boys wouldn't slow down enough to get a picture of them)

More swimming and jumping

 The kids love playing around with the camera on my phone.  You would not believe the number of extreme close-up pictures I find of them! :)

This picture makes me laugh so hard.  I have no idea why Will was making that face.  He wasn't mad.  I guess he just thought it would be a fun face to make.  Crazy boy!

We spent a morning playing at Barnes N Noble when our AC wasn't working

Isabel's cheernastics class was small this summer.  she loved all the personal attention she got and learned a lot!

So that is pretty much our July.  I'll try to do a better job updating the blog in august.

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