Thursday, August 9, 2012

Back to Birmingham

Before school started, we decided to take another quick trip to Birmingham last week.  Summer is definitely not a relaxing time for Josh so we were glad he was able to take a few days off and come play with us.  We took the kids to the McWane Center one day and of course they loved every second of it.  Grams and Nana went with us and we even met a friend from college and her kids there which just made it more fun!

Both kids (and Josh) really loved making the huge bubbles

When is playing in the water not fun?

Will thought spraying the water was hilarious. I was standing on the other side of the box and he just kept spraying me.  The best part was when I took the one on my side and sprayed him.  Even though it just hit the glass box in front of him, he jumped and screamed every.single.time!! It was so funny!

Sweet girls

There was a new Dora and Diego section that they kids loved.  They got to be vets and take care of their animals.

Apparently working with Diego is a serious job
(or he is annoyed that I made him stop long enough to take this picture)

I love the chance to see good friends

After spending the day at the McWane center we went to Nana's house for dinner.  The cousins all have so much fun playing together.  I have no idea how they ended up under the desk but one got under and then 3 others followed immediately.

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