Tuesday, August 21, 2012

1st day of Kindergarten

I officially have a kindergartner.  The day I had been dreading all summer arrived.  Isabel had her phase-in day yesterday.  After acting terrified of school early on this summer and refusing to talk about it, in the past few weeks Isabel had actually gotten really excited about kindergarten.  The night before school started we picked out her outfit, packed her backpack, made her lunch, read 'Twas the Night Before Kindergarten, put magic confetti under her pillow and we were ready! No fear at all for Isabel (me on the other hand...I spent most of the night crying like a crazy person).

Isabel was so excited as we drove to school.  I was able to walk her into the gym where all of the students meet until time to walk to their classes.  She was a little overwhelmed walking in the gym with tons of kids everywhere.  Luckily as soon as we sat in the kindergarten line, a girl from church came in and sat with us.  Then it was time to walk to her class and I could tell she was getting scared.  As we reached the kindergarten hallway the teachers asked us to say goodbye there before the students went in their classroom.  Isabel immediately started crying and it took everything in me not to break down too.  Fortunately a teacher saw us right then and came to help.  She guided Isabel into her room and helped her find her friend from church.  I stayed long enough to peek in the room to see that Isabel was no longer crying.  Then I ran to the van so I could finally let the tears loose.  Ugh! This growing up stuff stinks!!

Josh and I gave Isabel a new cross necklace as a starting school present.  My girl is all about her accessories so she loved it.  She told us that it would help her be brave because it would help her remember that God is always with her.  I needed that reminder too.

loving her new lunchbox!
She told me that she liked eating in the cafeteria and got to sit by her sweet friend, M, from church

I am so proud of who she is becoming.  She is beautiful on the inside and out.

Will definitely missed his sister.  When we got in the car, he just looked at her empty seat sadly and said, "she isn't in her seat next to me now."  At times he just seemed lost without her but he also enjoyed being an only child for the day too!

My first experience with carpool. I know I'm going to spend a lot of my week sitting in that line. 
Will and I got so excited when we could see her.  I could not get her in the car fast enough!

I was so relieved that she jumped in the car with a huge smile.  She loved EVERYTHING about her day and told us every detail for the next few hours!  The first thing they did was read a gingerbread book and then go on a hunt all over the school for him.  I have heard my mom talk about doing a gingerbread hunt with her kids for years and it is crazy to think that my baby girl is old enough to be a part of one.  We asked her if she found the gingerbread man and she said, "No, but he did leave us a cookie."  After a pause she added, "I don't think he is real anyway.  I'm pretty sure our teachers just hung up those notes."  ha ha! I love this girl.
Other than the gingerbread hunt, the thing she talked about the most was all of the rules.  If you know my type-A, perfectionist, stereotypical-oldest-child daughter, it will not be a surprise that she loves the rules and structure of school.  She told us how to walk in the hallway, how to raise your hand to answer questions, a special clap they do to get quiet, what you can and cannot do on the playground, etc.  It just made Josh and I laugh how serious she was about all of them and how horrified she was that some kids still did not follow them!

After a quick stop to see daddy and tell him about her day, we headed to Sweet CiCi's to celebrate with some yummy toppings and a little yogurt underneath! :)

My baby girl is definitely growing up.  After one day of kindergarten she already seems years older.  I'm not sure I'm ready for all this but I guess I don't have a choice.  I'm just so thankful that she is at a wonderful school with great teachers.  I know she will make so many sweet friends and learn so much this year.  I am so excited for her.....but still just a little sad for me!

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