Wednesday, July 4, 2012

sweet home Alabama

The last week of June Josh took 40 kids and chaperones to camp in North Carolina so the kids and I headed to Birmingham for the week.  I am so thankful that so many of the people we love are in one place.  Although it can make for a crazy busy week, it is so nice to be able to see so many people in one trip.  We saw all the grandparents, aunt, uncles and cousins, some of my best friends from college and their kids and my best friends from high school and some of their kids.  Like I said, it is busy but so great and the kids loved every second of it.  For some reason I never do a good job taking pictures on these trips.  Oh well, we got a few cute ones...

COUSINS!! Isabel and Will love playing with Avery and Ansley more than anything

One day we went swimming with them and then went back to their house for lunch.  Days like that make me wish we all lived a little closer!

Did I mention the temps were over 100 most days? Yeah, we ate a lot of popsicles

Will did not mind at all that it was SO HOT! He loved playing outside and made up about 10 different games involving a ball that we could play

One day we met 2 of my best friends from college and their kids at the park.  There were 7 kids between the 3 of us but I forgot to take a group shot.  We only lasted a little while at the park but then had a fun lunch afterwards.  I'm so thankful for these girls and their friendship 10 years after graduating from college! (We missed you Sara!!)

My two cuties are getting so big

Isabel is all about her accessories these days.  She may only be 5 but she thinks she is 15.  Just ask her, she'll tell you she is already a teenager!

I got a new phone before leaving so we had plenty of fun playing on it and sending pictures to Josh while he was gone.  

My mom had to go to a workshop every day we were there but we were happy to see her every afternoon.  We got to see Nana a lot too which was perfect!

I finally convinced Isabel to take a shower (instead of a bath) while we were there.  Of course she loved it and now feels even more certain that she is really a teenager

My mom redid the kids room and they loved it.  She got rid of the crib since they are both too big for it now (sniff sniff) and got Will this cute little toddler bed.  He loves it!  This is how I found the crazy kid sleeping one night. Look how many toys he still managed to fit in that little bed.

We had a great week but were so ready to see Josh!!  The kids definitely missed their daddy.  Poor Josh was exhausted when he got home but still found some energy to play with the kids.  At one point he was half asleep on the couch and Will was just climbing all over him.  He refused to leave his side all night.  :)

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Sara said...

Aw, I miss y'all too! What fun... wish that we could have been there to hang out also!