Friday, July 6, 2012

July 4th (on the 3rd)

We basically celebrated July 4th for 2 days this year since our town does a lot of July 4th celebrating the day before.  The kids and I spent the morning of July 3rd at the pool while poor Josh had to work.  After a quick dinner at home we made the decision not to join the rest of the town in the park in the 100+ degree weather and instead had our favorite treat of yogurt and tons of toppings!  After some fun board games (to keep the kids from asking when the fireworks would start every 3 minutes) it was finally time to go.  Last year we found the best spot to watch.  The high school football stadium offers an amazing view but way less crowds and traffic to get home.  Plus some family friends go there too so that makes it even better.  We had a great night.

Isabel getting all ready in her red, white and blue

Isabel's attempt at taking a picture of Josh and me on my phone

My little man really wanted to wear his baseball shirt since it had red, white and blue on it.  I did convince him to wear a festive USA shirt on the 4th

This picture cracks me up.  Will was adamant about being on a higher step than Isabel so he could be taller.  Now it just looks like they are dating in this picture, especially since Isabel had to make sure her ring was showing for the picture! ha ha! 

The other good part about watching fireworks at the football stadium is that the kids got to run for a while on the track while we were waiting

Ready for the fireworks to start!

My sweet girl is getting so big. She starts kindergarten in a month!! 

The kids LOVED the show this year.  Will gave us a LOUD running commentary that included a description of each firework.  It was so funny! They were also both completely sure that each firework was getting closer and closer to them! I love how much they loved it (and how excited they were to stay up until 10pm!!)

On July 4th we all went to see Madagascar 3, played at the pool and grilled out that night.  A pretty perfect holiday for me. 

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