Wednesday, May 9, 2012

pre-k graduation

Isabel is officially a pre-k graduate (even though she still has 3 more days of school).  They had a ceremony last night that was just perfect.  The kids sang, danced, recited nursery rhymes and even walked to get their diploma while Pomp and Circumstance played.  I can't help but tear up when I think about how great this program is and how blessed Isabel has been to have these teachers and friends in her life.  Now I pray that her kindergarten teacher is just as wonderful!

our beautiful graduate!

me and my girl

family photo (please excuse Will's crazy face)

Grams drove up for the night to watch the graduation.  Isabel was so glad she was there!!

Ready to get started.  she was so excited!

Isabel's class

Although I probably took at least 2 pictures of each song (what? you only graduate from pre-k once right?) I will spare you and not post them all.  I had to add to add this one though because I love it.  They were singing Five Little Monkeys and loving every second of it!

I made it with no tears until this point. Why do I feel like I will be watching her graduate from high school in no time?

so proud of her!

Isabel and her sweet friend, Shelby

Isabel and Mrs. Kara
The teacher we requested for Isabel this year got a new job right before school started.  I remember being nervous when we were told about a new teacher.  If only I could remember that nothing surprises God.  He knew that Mrs. Kara was exactly the kind of teacher Isabel needed and we are so thankful for her!

Mrs. Angie is the director of this program.  We love her and she loves my children! I'm so thankful for her influence in my children's lives.

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