Sunday, May 27, 2012

Future All-Star

We have had a great Memorial Day weekend and it isn't even Memorial Day yet.  In the past few days, we have been to the zoo, played with cousins, played with Nana, grilled out and spent hours playing outside.  Today was definitely the best for my little man though.  After church, lunch and a quick nap, we headed back to church for a wiffle ball tournament.  We have had a few of these tournaments in the past and they have let Will hit a few times but this was the first time that he was really part of the team.  He loved it and did so well!  All that practice in the back yard really paid off.  The kid hit the ball every time he was up to bat and some of the hits were pretty good.  He is still learning about running the bases but he did well to listen to the first and third base coaches and just loved being a part of everything.  I was so proud of my little man!!

A few instructions from daddy before his first time at bat

I loved watching Will bat.  He was so serious about it.  He would walk up to the plate, hit the plate twice with his bat and then get ready.  It didn't phase him if he missed but would just kept trying. The little kids were allowed 4 strikes but he never needed all 4.

Thumbs up for making it to first base!!
Will LOVES these high school boys and I love how great they are with him

Will running hard to get home!
Later Josh hit a home run when Will was on first base and they ran the bases together.  So sweet! Later Will told everyone that HE hit a home run! :)

Daddy and his future all-star

In case you were wondering what Isabel was doing..... She had no interest in playing wiffle ball.  She was busy carrying around her purse, decorating her chair and blowing bubbles.  Someone commented that we have the most stereotypical boy and girl possible.  SO TRUE!

Friday, May 25, 2012

new summer cut

Isabel's hair had gotten crazy long so we decided to cut off a few inches for the summer.  Although she wasn't sure about cutting her hair at first, Isabel loves getting a hair cut and after seeing her friend's new hair cut she was all for it.  She loves it and I agree that it looks great.  For some reason I think she looks older.....



She really felt like we needed a picture of her posing with her new hair cut

Monday, May 21, 2012


Will got in trouble and was sent to time out.  While crying in time out he kept saying "I'm sorry! I'm sorry. I forgive you!"  (it is very hard to discipline your child when all you want to do is laugh!)

The day after Isabel's pre-k graduation, she was carrying her plate to the sink....
me:  Isabel, please be careful
Isabel: Are you kidding mommy?  Of course I'm careful.  I'm a pre-k graduate!!

While I was reading a book to the kids that has nothing to do with cowboys or swimming...
Will: cowboys have to take off their cowboy hats before they go swimming
10 second pause as I tried to figure out what he was talking about and how to respond..
Isabel: Well Will, that was a totally awesome observation!

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Time to dance

Isabel's dance performance was tonight and she did an amazing job.  We are so proud of her and how hard she has worked.  This was her first performance since moving up to the "cheernastics" class (a mix of gymnastics, cheer leading and dance) so it was a little different than past performances.  They stopped letting us come to their practices a few months ago when they started preparing for this performance so we were really impressed with how far they had come.  Isabel loves every dance class and definitely loved every second of performing for us tonight.

Our little dancer

Isabel and her sweet friends, Ashlynn and Madilynn

Will and his buddy, Adam, chased each other around the gym waiting for their sisters to dance

they did multiple "stunts" with a partner that were so cute

look at that backbend!

cartwheel time

Isabel loves Miss Kelsey and is so sad that she is graduating and going off to college

Isabel and daddy

I'm so proud of my silly girl

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Mother's Day 2012

Mother's Day always reminds me how blessed I am.  I grew up with an amazing mom who loved me so much and taught me the importance of trusting God in all situations.  Then I married Josh and got the best mother-in-law ever.  I'm thankful for the mother she was to Josh and that she has always treated me like her daughter.  Now I get to be mommy to two healthy, happy, funny, crazy kids that I love so much and my mom and mother-in-law are amazing grandmas to them.  Yep, I'm so blessed!

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

pre-k graduation

Isabel is officially a pre-k graduate (even though she still has 3 more days of school).  They had a ceremony last night that was just perfect.  The kids sang, danced, recited nursery rhymes and even walked to get their diploma while Pomp and Circumstance played.  I can't help but tear up when I think about how great this program is and how blessed Isabel has been to have these teachers and friends in her life.  Now I pray that her kindergarten teacher is just as wonderful!

our beautiful graduate!

me and my girl

family photo (please excuse Will's crazy face)

Grams drove up for the night to watch the graduation.  Isabel was so glad she was there!!

Ready to get started.  she was so excited!

Isabel's class

Although I probably took at least 2 pictures of each song (what? you only graduate from pre-k once right?) I will spare you and not post them all.  I had to add to add this one though because I love it.  They were singing Five Little Monkeys and loving every second of it!

I made it with no tears until this point. Why do I feel like I will be watching her graduate from high school in no time?

so proud of her!

Isabel and her sweet friend, Shelby

Isabel and Mrs. Kara
The teacher we requested for Isabel this year got a new job right before school started.  I remember being nervous when we were told about a new teacher.  If only I could remember that nothing surprises God.  He knew that Mrs. Kara was exactly the kind of teacher Isabel needed and we are so thankful for her!

Mrs. Angie is the director of this program.  We love her and she loves my children! I'm so thankful for her influence in my children's lives.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

new bedtime rituals

From the time Will was a couple of months old, he has been the easiest kid to get to sleep.  No complex ritual was necessary.  You could just put him in his crib, give him his pacis and he happily went to sleep.  Because this was not the case with his older sister, I did not take this for granted and I didn't want to do anything to mess up a good thing. 
But then he was about to turn 3 and we knew it was time to take away the crib and move him to a big boy bed.  I'll admit it, I started reliving the tantrums, crying, and complex rituals involved in Isabel's bedtime for the majority of the time between ages 2 and 4 and I got scared.  Fortunately he still went to sleep pretty easily.  Sure he wanted someone to rest with him a little but nothing terrible.  About a month and half after he turned 3, we finally took away the beloved paci.  Again, I expected the worse.  While we have seen worse, bedtime definitely got more difficult.  It wasn't that he cried for the paci, he just couldn't soothe himself to sleep easily any more.  He resisted bedtime, cried some, and begged for someone to rest with him over and over for a couple of weeks.  Not.Fun!

Then one day a couple of months ago, Will was telling me over and over that he just wasn't tired.  I said that is fine, just play in your bed until you get tired.  Amazingly he did! First he just played with the 10 stuffed animals in his bed.  Later we added some books for him to read.  Now, his bed is FULL!  He has stuffed animals, books, about 10 rescue heroes, and usually a couple of trucks....and I am loving it!  Josh and I tuck in our sweet kids around 8:15 most nights and close to their doors without any resistance.  We come downstairs and listen to Isabel sing loudly to her praise CD while Will reads, sings and crashes people or trucks in to each other.  This could go on for 10 minutes or 45 minutes.  Then we hear him putting his toys away and he goes to sleep.  My favorite is going in later to check on him to see where he put everything away.  Sometimes everything is in a row on the body pillow next to him, sometimes each stuffed animal is all covered up.  One time I couldn't find the rescue heroes and finally realized that they were all lined up UNDER the pillow he was sleeping on! 

I had to take a picture of his bed after he got out this morning. 
Can you see how much stuff is in there?

Rescue Heroes all lined up before he fell asleep

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

fountain fun

Although May 2 seems a little early for it, when the temps are almost 90 why not spend the day playing in the water fountains? This morning we met our good friends at the fountains near us and so much fun. I can't tell you how thankful I am for this family. They have twin girls about 3 weeks older than Isabel and a little boy about 3 weeks older than Will. My kids love to play with them and I love their sweet mom. It doesn't get more perfect than that. 

It took Will a few minutes to warm up to the water but Isabel took off running in to the fountains and never left.  She loved every second of it!

Pure joy!

Will and his buddy, Adam

so much fun!

Sweet Ashlynn found a butterfly that became her best friend.  Seriously, this butterfly had no fear.  It landed on all of the kids and would stay there even though they were running around and screaming.

Isabel and Madilynn

I'm so thankful for good friends, beautiful weather and happy kids!